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Daniel Sedin Not Playing Game 1 According To His Pops


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Vancouver Canucks faced the Los Angeles Kings last night, Swedish time, and the big question was whether Daniel Sedin could be involved.

- He is not completely recovered yet, and know the damage a bit. It is wrong to play now, says Tommy Sedin from Vancouver.

We talked a moment ago with Tommy and he has followed his son's struggles in recent days. It looked positively out a few days ago when Daniel made his first ice sessions since the injury a few weeks ago.

- He ran well, but got a headache afterwards, says Tommy Sedin.

It was 21 March, Chicago's Duncan Keith put in a nasty elbow in the face of Daniel Sedin.

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The Canucks are not going to be happy about this if it is true. They go through all their motions of the last few days of building speculation and not giving anything away only to have Pops spill that there was a setback and Daniel isn't ready.

This is the problem when you aren't just straight forward about things. It does come out somehow.

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