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Top Ten Off-Ice Canucks Of All Time

Langdon Algur

Vote for the best off-ice (non-player) Vancouver Canuck of all time  

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For me, it was close between Neilson and Robson. I chose Neilson pretty much soley for "Towel Power". Quinn is probably 3rd.

My Nomination to be added is Pat O'Neill who has been the Equipment Manager since 1988, meaning that next year will be his 25th year.

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I think another name that should be on the list is Arthur Griffiths Sr.

BTW @ goalie13. You shouldn't feel too bad about it. The idea that Quinn was forced to make that call has surfaced on occasion, but it's always been pure speculation AFAIK and has never been substantiated that I'm aware of.

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I really like the way our team has looked and presented themselves the last few years. I think a lot of this is due to AV and he deserves the credit. I also think that Trevor Linden has done a lot since being "off the ice". Great survey and good follow posts.


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