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Ferrari 599 Gto Crashes Into A Taxi

i am a beast

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wrong place at the wrong time.

reminds me of the cop that got T boned in Richmond a few yrs back. I mean, you have to be on the same side as the car coming, and exact timing.

the video recording shows how that timing is so crucial.

crap happens.

apparently a foreigner in singapore from China was driving the ferrari.


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Either a week, or two ago, I was driving south on glen drive, towards hastings in east van.

Similar thing happened to me, except I was about half a second earlier, and thus didn't get hit.

Dude blows through a red light, that had been red for at least 5-10 seconds, as I had a green light for a while...

I was turning right, so when he blew through it and I was driving along, he kinda stopped in the middle of the road for a bit, then kept going, as if something kicked into his head like "hey, maybe I shouldn't be a giant f***ing moron"

Only thing that would have been a saving grace for me is I drive a 14 foot fedex truck, and I'm sure it can absorb a bit more impact than a standard car...

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