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(Proposal) Van-Cbj

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trade schneider, ballard, raymond, jensen, 2012 1st


rick nash and cbj's 2nd round draft pick

(would this be fair value? i think so)

then next year(2013-2014 season) amnesty clause nash then bargain him down to around 5mill cap hit


salo 1 year 1.5mill per(another discount i know)

jackman 2 years 3.5mill per(hometown discount)

lack 3 years 1mill per

gragnani, rome 3 years 750 000per

volpatti, weise, ebbett 2 years 625 000per


sedin sedin nash( great power forward can get so many more points with the sedins)

higgins kesler booth(amex was productive when together)

burrows lapierre hansen(shutdown energy line all are good with the pk and reliable)

volpatti malholtra kassian(energy line can grind down opposition)

.weise ebbett

bieksa hamhuis

jackman edler

salo tanev

.gragnani, rome



(i still believe in luo)

cup winning team

1.2mill in cap space remaining

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Guest AriGold

Look at what Howson wanted from the Leafs and Rangers. This package is nothing close to that, and thats with Ballard tossed out of the deal.

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Leafs and Rangers dont have a Schneider available, then add in a Blue Chip prospect, a Decent 1st round draft pick, then Raymond who can hit 40 points a season at a mid range contract and a servicable defenseman who needs a fresh start included..

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also would nash be able to choose where he would sign after the amnesy clause takes effect? say we use the clause and we offer him 5mill per season. then someone offers him 6mill per season. can he reject the 6mill to stay with the canucks at 5mill or will he have to go with the higher bid?

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Certainly it would get you Nash.

Bluechip goalie

Ballard > say what you wil, a top 4 D in Ohio.

Jensen > Currently our best prospect

A first.

Personally I am not paying that for Nash.

FTR, if Nash was cleared on the Amnesty, we might have to pay out his contract in full and he be a player on another team. Give up Schneider, Ballard, Jensen and a First to cut him loose?

Concept in the NBA is like an auction. You put the player on amnesty and any other team who wants can bid on his contract. Was making $8 mill, Chicago bids $5mill and they get the contract. You pay $3, they pay $5. $5 counts against their cap, $3 does not count against yours but you pay. Nobody picks him up, you pay out the contract in full and becomes UFA. Only then can you sign him. Not great odd's!


That package wont even get you Nash.

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That was my first thought.

But then we're also getting CBJ's 2nd overall for what we're offering? Schneider is a big piece, and Jensen and the 1st is quite nice, but Raymond and Ballard add very little value for Columbus. There's no way they take that unless they're desperate to offload Nash (aka he forces their hand) and no one else is offering anything.

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