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[Value of] Luongo

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Here's a question. Or game if you like.

Hypothetically if Luongo were to be traded 1-for-1 for any player in the league who would your choices be?

Just curious as to who Canucks fans would consider to be their #1 choice if say Luongo's value was at it's absolute peak and other players' value were for whatever reason at a low point.

Shea Weber?

Steven Stamkos?

Crosby? Ovechkin? Malkin?

Lucic? E. Kane?


I also would be interested to see which position you think is most needed, if locally developed players are more attractive, if being Canadian is a factor, age, injury history, etc.....

My top 3 = Weber. Stamkos. Pietrangelo.

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So this is basically, what player would you like to have the most in the league?

Stamkos (on the PP with the Sedins, wow)

Weber (IMO, the best all around D in the game)

Giroux (playing on the wing with Kesler, both would get upwards of 80 points, Kes would get up to 40 goals)

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What's the point of this thread??? 'What is Luongo's trade-value (and then ignore that and assume you can get any player you want in the entire league for him)?' Well, in that case, his value is infinite.

What's his real value?... Well, not any player in the league's top 50, that's for sure...

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