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[Discussion]Ballard, Connauton, Sauve, Tanev, Edler, Alberts.. interest from Nashville?

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If Weber is to leave Nashville for Philly this week Nashville will have lost:

Hamhuis, Suter to free agency

Franson to a terrible, terrible trade


Weber to an offer sheet.

all in the last few years.

Although losing Weber receives more in return than any of the other 3 losses, it is arguably a much larger loss than all 3 other defense-men combined as they are losing a Norris nominee as well as their Captain.

Having 8 first round picks in the next 4 years could bring along a strong D core in 6-8 years but in the time being Nashville has to start looking at D options that are available.

My question is:

Do you think Nashville is interested in any of our defense-men that are NOT under NTC's ? If so what would it take for you to give each of them up?

Edler -

Ballard -

Alberts -

Tanev -

Connauton -

Sauve -

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Of those 6, Sauve, Alberts, and Ballard are my 3 I'd consider moving. Connauton looks to have top 4 upside, Edler is already ready to be a 1st pairing guy, and Tanev has top 4 upside as well.

Sauve looks to be a solid 3rd pair guy, and despite that being decent, there's plenty of those on the free market every year.

Alberts is a bottom pair guy, not worth much more than a 3rd or a lower tier prospect.

Ballard is an interesting case. When he plays top pairing, or top 4 minutes (like in PHX and FLO), he plays great. However, as a bottom pair guy he is not at all worth the money he's paid. I'd take a solid 3rd liner, or a good 6th D on a cheap contract for him.

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Well, Nashville is definitely going to need defensemen if Weber does leave - they'd only have 5 NHL d-men left (Klein, Gill, Ellis, Blum, Josi) and that core doesn't look appetizing at all... maybe in a few years, but right now they're much too green.

Alberts has essentially zero trade value, unless you want a 7th rounder back or something. Ballard would most likely only be movable if we were receiving salary back - although with Nashville, they are below the cap floor so they're going to need salary anyway. Ballard still wouldn't receive anything back, a straight cap dump if anything. Nashville's going to want immediate help, someone who can play in their top 6 and eat up Weber's minutes and none of our prospects will cut it.

I highly doubt the Canucks would move Edler for anything the Preds can offer. The guy had a bad playoff, doesn't mean he's expendable - he's still our best offensive d-man and there's no reason for us to move him just because of 5 bad games (Although anybody can be moved for the right deal... I just don't see what Nashville can give us of equal stock.)

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Ballard makes the most sense if they don't keep Weber. They need to add salary to reach the floor, and their defence is pretty thin right now. I don't think it'd be a stretch to see him improve in a new market. The only question is what could we get in return? Colin Wilson or Patric Hornqvist would be nice, but aren't likely to be moved. Maybe a role player like Halischuk or Spaling and a draft pick?

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Nashville's Zach Budish

Talent Analysis

Budish is a complete player. At nearly 6’3, he certainly has size. Budish is a powerful skater who has remarkably good speed and acceleration for such a big man. He has great instincts, good vision, and makes very good decisions in all three zones. Budish utilizes his large frame and strength very well, including on the physical side and is quite difficult to move off the puck. He can deliver some solid checks without taking himself out of the play. He also has great hands and superb playmaking ability.


Budish was again injured last season. He will continue to play at Minnesota, but his consistent injuries have put his future in doubt, despite his massive potential.


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