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Who was the worst player in the NHL last season?

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Based on last year's performance who do you think the most useless player was? I read an article discussing how Derek Joslin was one of the worst defenseman in the league, so I had the idea of extending the topic to all players.

To meet eligibility, your selected player must meet the following criteria:

Games played: 41+

Fights: 4 or less

(This filters out goons)

You can select up to three but don't have more than one from a team. Here are mine:

Mattias Tedenby- 6 points in 43 games. +/- -15. Corsi -5.38. Quality of competition -.043. Off zone starts 50.7%. Hits 25. Blocked shots 1.

Why he's the worst: Small (5'10, 175lbs), produce no offense, not physical at all, and played against relatively weak players. Also had over 50% of his starts in the offensive zone. On the ice for as many goals against as Ryan Carter (other 4th liner) in a little over half the amount of games.

Why he isn't the worst: Still a young player. Great speed.

Nino Niederreiter - 1 point in 55 games. +/- -29. Corsi -.0726. Quality of competition -.047. Off zone start 46%. Hits 129.

Why he's the worst: Nino was clearly not NHL ready. He produced no offense and was -29 against a fairly low quality of competition. Playing for the Islanders doesn't help.

Why he isn't the worst: For starters he is a rookie. Also no Islander with 30+ games played was on the ice for fewer goals against. His hit numbers are also solid.

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Don't agree that the answer is Scott Gomez based on the criteria for 'worst player'. The question isn't asking which player has the worst value, the question is asking who the worst hockey player is.

My vote would go to John Scott, though I don't think he meets the 41+ game criteria.

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