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Dan Hamhuis or Willie Mitchell


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Okay so now that it's been two years since Hamhuis has taken Mitchell's spot, who do you think has/had a bigger impact on this team?

Both of these guys made Bieksa look like an allstar, they are both trusted by Alain, and are great in their own end?

Willie is underrated on the Kings and Hammer is underrated on the Nucks.

Who would you pick out of the two?

Btw I would like to add a poll but I'm on my phone.


Most people chose Mitchell over Hamhuis two years ago.

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I would take Hamhuis all day, he's a brilliant shutdown defenseman who also has underrated offensive skills. He's a good passer and is a better skater than Mitchell.

Not that Willie isn't a good defenseman, I would love to have him on the Canucks. He's meaner than Hanhuis, and I could see him making a very effective pairing with Ballard, giving us 3 very solid defensive pairings. He's also got veteran experience and a Cup. But it probably won't be happening soon.

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Ha, I remember when we first got Hamhuis and people were calling him overrated and that Willie is much better... Anyways my vote also goes to Hammer, I never really liked Willie that much anyways, he was from the Wild.

Willie plays a meaner game and is more physical in his own end, but Hamhuis is much better offensively.

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Hamhuis, by quite a bit, but the real question is: Keith Ballard or Willie Mitchell? Or Keith Ballard or Willie Mitchell, Steve Bernier, Michael Grabner and Quinton Howden?

With the salary that we took on from Ballard, we could have easily kept Mitchell. Still, it's probably the only bad trade Gillis has ever made (the jury's still out on Hodgson/Kassian).

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