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Robbed of my N


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Today I went to ICBC to write my class 7 N test. When they checked my ID, they said I had a ticket on my license for public intoxication in Surrey. They told me to write a impersonation report so I did, but my road test was cancelled. Now I have to wait until December.

A.) I don't drink alcohol at all.

B.) I am under age

C.) I don't live in Surrey

D.) I don't even visit Surrey

My question is what can I do now?

Has anyone gone through this before?

Can I go back and ask to be put on stand buy?

The paperwork is going to be mailed to me within 2 weeks and they told to bring it back afterwords.

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Do what they say and wait until December. If you want to drive like an adult, you need to put up with adult things, in this case, a filing error.

I'd give more advice, but I'm going to go cruise around with my top down and enjoy the last little bit of sun

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Give the BC civil liberties association a call or your local mla.Someone at those two places should at least point you to who you really need to talk to.

It is unjust that you are being punished because of somebody else's mistake( if clerical) or illegal act( if the perp used your name while dealing with the cops).

In fact the cop who issued the ticket just might remember the incident and perpertrator and upon seeing you go "whoa you aren't the dude" and help you out.

I'd also be looking into whether icbc can legally do what they did to you or if it was just a jerk at the office on a bad day.

It is times like this that we decide who we are.

If it IS important to you then fight for your rights-do it legally and with poise, no foul language and don't get angry with anyone just keep hammering home it was NOT you and what they are doing is wrong. If it still goes badly call up global and se if Mike McCardell wants to do a human interest story of a "David vs Goliath' variety.CTV also has that "Steele on your side" thing as well.

Good luck.

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