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Teen brothers charged for luring then murdering 12 year old girl


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We're really turning out a great generation... The brothers, aged 15 and 17, lured the 12 year old girl to their house, then strangled her...

It's sickening - the crimes that kids are perpetrating... I have a very very low regard for our society, and yet society always seems to be able to be worse than I think. Teenagers strangling a 12 year old girl? And deliberately luring her to do so - that's planned and thought out.

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No theft, no signs of sexual assault - no motive other than wanting to kill someone.

Sick. I think once a person reaches that level of disrespect for life and others, there isn't much hope for rehabilitation.

Then again, the book Crime and Punishment explores this very idea. A man plans out a murder because, in his mind, the most lauded individuals of history were able to kill others without mercy, and he wanted to see if he had what it took. (Kind of a more intellectual version of "I'm hardcore".) But the guilt and remorse that plagued him thereafter changed him.

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:picard: Yes regressing and doing things counter to all evidence and logic is the way to go.

And yes, yes they did happen when you were a kid. There simply wasn't 300 news channels and the internet to beat you over the head with the information 24/7 when you were a kid.

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You know. If I, at any point in my life have the ability to prevent two kids from having a messed up life, and a 12 year old from being strangled to death, Id act on it.

You wouldn't need to pray to me. Wouldn't even need to ask. Don't even thank me. It's because that's the reasonable thing to do.

Either god is one sick twisted guy, or he doesn't exist.

Don't give me this "he works in mysterious ways"

Do narcissists work in mysterious ways? Or just him.

And there certainly wasn't some greater plan involved where now a family is suffering, and a child is dead, and two teens lives are ruined.

Who does this help?

Seriously. I don't want to hear "we need to pray more". It's bs. A fairy tale. He doesn't cure some people's cancers and let others die.

Modern science cures cancer, And education prevents these things from happening.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he was watching football or something and missed this one. Lazy bastard.

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Why facepalm? Because you made yet another ignorant statement that's counter to logic and evidence. Seems a pretty good reason to me.

The piles of evidence showing violent crimes have reduced since the "glory days" :rolleyes: of corporal punishment and school prayer. Or that corporal punishment doesn't work. That church and state (including public schools) are separated and for good reason.

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