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Okay, this isn't a massive proposal like many on these boards, but it could have some significant future implications.

To VAN: Gormley

To PHX: Raymond+Sauve+Schroeder

Why VAN does this:

Gormley isn't considered to be one of hockey's best prospects for nothing. This guy can do it all, skate, hit, pass, shoot, poke check, make no mistake, he is an excellent defender already at his young age, and should the season commence, don't be surprised to find him on the Phoenix blue line. Vancouver acquires him because he is what we covet. He is a young, fast, character guy who has top-pairing potential all over him. He's also good enough to slot into our bottom pairing right now, and could play some PP time.

Why PHX does this:

They have many other young d men such as OEL, Yandle, and Summers and a good mix of other veterans which fill in an actually impressive and underrated d corps. Phoenix also has had good success with hard working players who have simply not worked out for other teams, and I believe Raymond could be that guy that could thrive as a top-6 forward in their system. Remember, they lost Whitney and did not replace him (not that they can). Raymond would fit well in their system do to an adequate two-way game and his biggest asset, which is his speed. Phoenix is a very mobile team and he could fly with them. They also get two decent prospects, Sauve to give them something to somewhat replace Gormley, and Schroeder, who is an interesting prospect who is uncertain right now. Considering Phoenix has a pretty good development program, and assuming that Schroeder and Sauve buy into their system, those could be two pretty could pieces for them in the future.

My question: What does CDC think of this proposal, and how realistic do you think it is

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At present, even if Raymond does get dealt there it doesn't mean that he'll necessarily become another Radim Vrbata or Antoine Vermette and I doubt that his value would be high enough (he'd be a strong comeback candidate but it's tough to bank on a player's potential like you can a prospect's, much less a previously-injured player). Rodin doesn't cover that gap and I doubt they need Sauve as they are flush on the back end. I think they would want another impact forward (guessing they would do Jensen or maybe Schroeder with Raymond for him? Though I'm not sure how the values would be then if it was Jensen for Gormley straight up).

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I think Phoenix be willing to swap Gormley for Jensen, but would VANCOUVER?

(I personally wouldn't from Vancouver's POV b/c I think the sum of the team's D-depth is already strong enough that a forward with Top-6 or higher potential shouldn't be traded with the forward group is getting older and not really that deep while the pipeline still has Connauton, Corrado, etc. coming up). The Coyotes might want Jensen though since he probably has the talent to replace the production that Shane Doan brings when he (Doan) retires.

Would you do this swap?

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Jensen for Gormley...Tough call but I believe if someone had a gun to my head and forced me to make a decision...Yes, I would trade Jensen for Gormley.

Jensen has top-6 potential. This means that his highest upside will *most likely* be 60 points/season. This would make him a 1st/2nd line tweener, which I believe would be his greatest potential.

Gormley is already NHL ready (one could argue that Jensen might be as well), he is coming off of a Memorial Cup victory, and was an outstanding dman for Canada at the WJC. His top flight potential is top-pairing d man. Which in my personal opinion, are much harder to find than top-6 forwards. While we have more quality D prospects than forward prospects at the moment, I am a strong believer in the "best player" philosophy, and I believe Gormley is the better player of the two, and holds the most upside.

That's not to say Jensen cannot exceed expectations and become a PPG player one day in the NHL or Gormley could not suffer a catastrophic injury and become a bust.

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