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Should the Canucks get rid of Mark Donnelly? Doesn't pump up crowd anymore!

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Cornelison is a pretty bad singer. He doesn't pump up the crowd in Chicago, they cheer the entire anthem because their showing their patriotism. It has nothing to do with Cornelison's vocal abilities. Donnelly is 10x the singer Cornelison is and the fact we sing our national anthem is not a gimmick, we are being patriotic. Or is that not allowed in Rogers Arena either?

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In all fairness, the atmosphere at playoff games is electric - you can't attribute the crowd's reaction to the anthem signer because they'd cheer at a kazoo or armpit sounds at a playoff game.

I like Mark Donelly's rendition and feel that he brings a touch of class to the deal. The fact that he does hand the mic over to the crowd makes sure they re participating even before the puck drops...I like it.

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