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"Kassassin" Trademarked - Kass needs new nickname


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Kassanova? - For the girls that like burly hockey players that look like hockey players should

Kass n' Slash? - If he starts making a name for himself slashing other players

Kasshin in? - If he holds out for a big contract sometime in his career

Kass my ass? - If he starts to fall out of favor of the fans but just doesn't care

Kassarole? - If his career tanks and he becomes a 4th line role player

Kassanassarassafritz? - ?????

Killer Kassian? - If he decides to try the Bertuzzi Maneuver

Kassinator? - This one might be good if he destroys Matt Kassian in a game sometime.

Kasstle Greyskull? - what?

Kass the Glass - If he turns out to be super fragile and gets injured all the time.

Kassian the Kardashian - Should he be adopted by the Kardashian family

But Probably it will be Kass - I do like Kassquatch - But pretty much its his teamates that decide the nickname and most likely they just call him Kass.

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