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Luongo and 4 teams


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First off, i'm not even sure exactly where I should post this, but its more of a discussion topic over anything else, which is why I am posting this here. If a MOD wants to move it to another area, go for it.

I'm curious to know what fans and possble hockey gurus think of the situation revolving Roberto Luongo. Him and Schneider are playing fantastic as a tandem, and the we aren't getting the offence we usually do, yet we're winning. So once the offence really gets going, we could be a force.


Toronto just lost Reimer, and if he is hurt long term or even isn't the same when he gets back, how quick would Nonis make a pitch for Luongo!? I haven't been getting into all this Luongo to Toronto stuff, but now the Leafs are winning, and they are grinding it out, and they really look good in my opinion. They are a playoff team, the question is, if losing Reimer means they start losing (assuming Scrivens can't handle it), does Nonis make the call?

Philadelphia, this team is WAY too talented to not be winning. Bryzgalov is just horrendus. They don't even have a goaltending prospect as far as I know. They need to try to win now, how much is the goaltending situation becoming an issue in Philadelphia... I think its actually transparent through the whole team, no confidence in their goaltending.

Washington is in the same situation as Philadelphia, they are in a win now situation, and its absolutely apparent that they need to get a goaltender. Although I see many similarities with Philadelphia, I do think there is more problems there then meets the eye. Starting to wonder if Ovechkin is actually happy there. (No, I am not implying we should trade for Ovechkin, just wondering of his happiness)

Florida finally made the playoffs last year, so you'd think they'd want to make them again this year. Goaltending there will single handly make them miss the playoffs, so again, I am beginning to wonder, what kind of arm twist is going to start showing up there. They need a goaltender, badly... I think Markstrom would make a good backup.

Anyways, I bring all this up because with these 4 teams, all in the East, all needind a goaltender, and Luongo playing awesome, who absolutely has to be trading in the off-season at the latest. Would the time be now to deal him? Value VS Need is really high right now, so if we are going to deal him, off-season or not, I think the time is now.


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I dont think Nonis will pull the trigger. No doubt they would love to have him but i dont see them willing to give up what he's worth right now. He wont give up any of the young guns that are performing well right now. They would have to offer up reilly and a 1st for us to consider trading him for futures right now and they wont do that.

philly and washington need defense more than goaltending imo

florida might as well tank and wait till the offseason. they know were in no rush and have no holes in our lineup. i think washington should do this as well

my prediction - he will finish the season as a canuck. florida will get a top pick and end up feeling comfortable giving us bjugstad

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Reimer's injury isn't serious, so too bad for that. Also, Lu likely won't waive to go there.

Philly won't buyout Bryz. That buyout is insane even for Philly. In either case, this doesn't look like their year, with or without Lu. So no urgency to trade.

Washington and Florida are also crappy this season. They might like Lu, but the urgency to salvage a fracked season may not be there.

It's looking more and more like Lu and Schneider will stay Canucks this season. There would have to be an utterly insane offer, and that might happen still, but i doubt it. At this rate having two all-star goalies is more helpful to us 'this season' and into the playoffs than whatever return we'd get.

Esp. when we're cruising over opponents without Kesler and Booth in the lineup.

Injuries would create more of a panic on Gillis' side.

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Bryzgalov has been playing good lately... lol So that point is invalid. Although he could still go to Toronto, Washington or Florida. I personally feel the best fit is Washington, but that's just my opinion.

If they do decide to keep Luongo for a full season, there's a strong possibility that Schneider gets traded instead. Either way, I still believe it's been good having two starters but bad (At the same time) because it keeps getting put at the fore front of the team.. Too distracting for my tastes.

You could also argue that a distraction might actually be a good thing, in that it takes attention away from other things. (ie. other players who are under performing, Sedins, injuries, etc..) In the end I just wanna see us win. So no matter how it plays out- as long as we're winning, I'm a happy little camper! :)

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I don't think the Reimer injury is relevant. The Leafs' reluctance to acquire Luongo unlikely has to do with a belief that they are set in goal with Reimer. Regardless of the injury, the Leafs have both a need for a better goalie and the assets necessary to trade for one.

The reason the Leafs haven't coughed up the goods for Luongo, despite their need, is that they're not good enough to justify such a trade. Luongo wouldn't make them a contender. He makes them a 6-8 seed at best, and they likely still lose in the first round.

There is a theory in baseball that a team's 90th win is worth substantially more than a team's 80th win. Therefore, a baseball GM would be more willing to make a pricey acquisition if it would push a team from 85 wins up to 90 wins, rather than from 75 to 80 wins.

I believe that baseball analogy can effectively be applied to the Leafs' situation. At this point, it wouldn't be worth giving up valuable assets to acquire Luongo, because Luongo likely won't make them a contender. They are better off waiting for their young players to develop, so that they may be in a position to make a splash in a year or two.

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Nothing that hasn't already been discussed. I'll take your last paragraph as your premise, and say that trading Luongo immediately would be better than trading him at the deadline. My opinion is of course that we should trade him in the summer, as he is of more use to use now than any combination of prospects and picks coming back our way.

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Like GM MG has said all along: it has to be a good hockey trade that makes this team better. So far he has not had that kind of offer so Lou and Schneids are sharing the work load, which is totally fine with me. I wouldn't mind at all keeping both of them for the year and post season. I would love it if we won the cup with Lou and Schneids and I also think that management would love that too. We have one of the most classiest organizations in the entire NHL, which is why MG is not just going to throw Lou away for scraps, he would never disrespect Lou like that.

I suggest that we all just drop the whole trade talk with Lou and let it unfold. Just know that when it eventually happens we will be getting back some amazing assets. Enjoy what we have right now with Lou and how our team is playing. Cheers!

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I don't see Toronto offering us what we want or it would have happened already. Philly is probably that one team the Gillis mentioned (the player to move being Bryzagalov). Clearly, Philly can't move him easily. Washington doesn't really have much to offer us in terms of the prospects and a roster player. Florida is the only team that has what we need but like the other poster said, Florida probably will wait out for end of the season so that they can obtain another high draft from next year, at which point they can trade one of the good prospects.

From the Canucks perspective, I think keeping the two goalies may be more beneficial than trading one for mediocre prospects/roster player now mainly because the healthy competition between the two guys will really push each other to perform at a high level.

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