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Millionaires jerseys on sale?


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Are the new Millionaires jerseys going to be on sale? I haven't seen any on nhl shop, and when reading on the website i only saw a mention of buying millionaires t-shirts, jackets and hats, and buying the current third jersey with the v patch on it. Has anyone seen them being sold at the Canucks store at rogers arena or sport chek or somewhere? I havent been to any of those stores in a while, so I wouldnt know. I tried searching on the forums about this and couldnt find any info.

EDIT: Authentic or Replica, doesnt matter which you've seen (if you've even seen it)

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Jersey City will carry them starting Sunday.

This is what the Canucks store emailed me with

The Vancouver Millionaries Jerseys is exclusive to our Canucks Team Stores. The jersey will have a authentication patch on the inside of the jersey. We are not affliated with Jersey City so we do not know wheather or not they will be carrying those jerseys. They will not be the Authentic Replica jersey though

I emailed back and they replied...

From what we've been told, we will only been carrying the Authentic Replica jerseys. Not the Authentic (ready for game use) ones.

I'm wondering what this authentication patch is :S

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