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GDT: Canucks @ Sharks (Game 4)

alt kilgore

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In a series where we're stuggling to score and the refs are being pretty strict on the Canucks, do we really need Weise, Sestito and Kassian in the lineup? I think I'd rather see something like this:

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Burrows Kesler Hansen

Raymond Roy Higgins

Schroeder Lapierre Ballard

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Knowing AV ethics he will play Schneider and he's not ready to play...

I'd like to believe, but let's be honest, can we win 4 in a row when we haven't won a single have against sj this year???

Odds are unfortunately against us here...

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I hope the Canucks can win one tonight.

There have been a lot of bogus calls in the series, it seems more so against the Canucks.

Our team needs to be more focused, more disciplined. Hopefully they play a structured

team game. I also hope our coaching staff have developed new strategies to break down

the Sharks offence and defence. It seems they have been owning us in every category

whether it be 5 on 5, or the power play and so on.

go nucks go :towel::frantic::towel:

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I don't know who the starter is tonight, but if it's Lu, we lose by a goal. If it's Cory, we lose by a few.

Our only chance is if the sharks get too full of themselves and start slacking off. Even then it will still be hard for us to get some goals

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