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Do You Believe?


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The odds are against us.

Our backs are against the wall.

We enter the Shark Tank.

The whistle blows.

Second by second, Shift by shift. Shot by shot. Save by save. Period by period.

The question is do you believe?

I am a die hard fan. I won't stop the dream. And I won't stop believing.


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The question is do the players believe, if they do then anything could happen. Never quit until it is over, just show up to play. Shoot on the net from everywhere and just hit hit hit....and Lu had better be in goal.

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No I don't believe. This team has become boring to watch and the fact that playoff tickets needed to be discounted more than 50% shows this. Management needs to see this, and our teams lack of success, as an eye opener for changes that are long overdue.

This is not the same team as 2011. That core had their chance and came up short. I expect a very different Canucks team next year. Win or Lose.

Kesler needs to be the first line C with or without the Sedins.

Kesler has heart. Their is a reason he is still on the back of my jersey (I admit I have debated getting it renamed, ruled against it).

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I can't believe.

I want to but apart from one or two players we are just not functioning. I'm not sure the Sharks are even that great a team, that's what is making all this worse.

I predicted 4-0 for Sharks in game 3 and even with Lu in goal it is going to be about the same I'm afraid. The lines are just not functioning together, which is no surprise given all the constant chopping and changing.

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