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  1. No Fricking way. Canucks have to win this because I hate this SEA crowd
  2. So I’m about to start work and check the score. ”2 - 1, sweet! They have the lead for once!” check the score after work ”WTH!” I will bury my head in the sand until they ring off some wins.
  3. One of the new guys I’m impressed with so far is Dickinson. Plays hard and always positionally sound. Would love to see him get rewarded on the scoreboard tonight.
  4. Ah nice ty. Who woulda thought scrolling down one more would have helped
  5. Telus has baseball scheduled for 4pm. SNP SN1 and SNW. Anyone else having this issue? I need to PVR this before I goto work
  6. Lmao lotta crybabies in here. Back to watching the game. Good effort so far.
  7. Poolman with a solid defensive play on Hughes pinch. Subtle but coaching staff will give him a pay on the back for that play
  8. So, I’m of the mind Hoagie is going to develop into a Canuck version of Marchand minus the antics. Strong, fast, great shot and skilled. Maybe even harder on the puck than Marchand. What a steal of a pick.
  9. Bump….so I think it’s fair to say Poolman is a solid RD that compliments high end guys like Hughes and OEL. And with Hamonic out I think his value goes up quite a bit. I kept hearing he’s out of his league in a match up role. Seems to be doing just dandy
  10. Very entertaining game. Revamped roster has some jump and will get better as they gel. Noticed a number of plays where Canucks would turnover a puck/not win a battle in the past-but wasn't the case. And EDM (I hate to say it) are a dangerous team and Canucks played them hard. Good battle. On a sour note: anyone watch the game on tv with telus? It was freezing constantly for me
  11. So I forgot to hit REC on the pvr- how did Bailey look?
  12. Little bummed Gadj got waived. Understand due to injuries it may have put the team in a tight spot but I really hope he goes unclaimed. He's got a nose for the net and just seems to rack up points no matter what
  13. Gotta think TG will try to go with reg season line combos for tomorrow's game. With no Boeser I wonder if Garlund gets to play with Miller/EP
  14. OEL can put on a clinic on the PP. I don't know how you get much more accurate, efficient and quicker than that. You could tell Miller was feeding off of it. Horvat seemed more involved up higher as well. Justperfect passes. Fun to see. 3rd line LW is hard to peg down.
  15. I definitely prefer Miller on the wing. Lotto line Pearson Horvat Garlund Podz Dickinson Hoagie DiGiuseppe Petan xxx
  16. That Tkachuk pass in the neutral zone was right on the button
  17. First preseason get for me so I'm looking forward to these new faces. Looked up the correct spelling this time, but if Di Giuseppe makes the team I'm going to butcher that last name guaranteed till about halfway through the season.
  18. I do too. He's got a great work ethic and seems to be an under rated point producer. The lack of PK options is probably the only thing holding him back
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