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  1. That and his athleticism. For Woo to be an effective player he needs to be an excellent skater and just be a hard guy to compete against. He's not going to be a major point producer so being very good to excellent in the other areas of the game will be important. He can't afford to be a step behind/tire easily.
  2. Woo is probably going to be a slow burn. 2-3 years before he starts getting a sniff at NHL action. He's only 20 now and I'm betting at around age 23 if he keeps training hard he will be close. My crystal ball is known to be unreliable however.
  3. People need to stop it with changing the position a player has learned/trained in for the majority of their competitive career. Going from C/W is hard enough let alone F/D in the most challenging league in the world.
  4. DH puts up points and is a good player but I'd still argue QH has more ability to make extremely difficult plays happen that not many other players can. That was my point about game breaking skill. Im not talking about overall offensive production, which again you're comparing age 28 DH vs age 21 QH which ain't all that great to begin with.
  5. Youre comparing age 21 QH to age 28 DH- I think YOU need to go do some research
  6. Definitely bigger, but you lose that game breaking talent Hughes has in the offensive end.
  7. Forgot about Charlo v Montiel. Fantastic hard fought match. Those two guys are tough. The sho time pre fight series was a good look at Jermall.
  8. Hopefully hes a locker room cancer and causes CGY to implode next season (or more). Id like that very much
  9. Did he now- that explains why he looked gassed in R5. Good on Silva tho- age 46. Davis/Barrios is the fight to tune into on Sat
  10. People have been speculating that because Jay Beagle isn't on the list, he's likely to start the season. However, he could start the season LTIR if necessary? Is the list indicative of players presumed not to play at all in 2021-22?
  11. I agree. I think with overall team improvement Myers will settle in nicely. He had an good second half IMO. Canucks need guys who can be difference makers and although Meyers plays a steady game (when hes not getting penalized) he has that ability to be an impact player.
  12. I lean towards excited. All this talk about Reinhart but the Canucks are probably up to something completely in left field (like Miller & Schmidt). I bet Rathbone is on their no trade list unless something is proposed that they can't pass up.
  13. I'm starting to think only move the 9oa if a big contract goes the other way. But if Clarke or McTavish are still there I'm definitely not moving 9oa without a big contract going back (to further upgrade)
  14. I've been hearing lots about this McTavish kid-. If he's as good and nasty as people say that would be an excellent pick. In an idea world the Canucks can make a significant improvement to their roster and keep the 9oa
  15. If the Canucks could snag Larsson, I would be highly curious what assets you would need to a) move Loui and b) acquire a solid 3rd line C like Appleton. Maybe the capolgists can inform me what would happen if you retain some salary on LE and the other team buys him out.
  16. The defense a real puzzle. Do you go with on the left side: Hughes Rathbone Edler Juolevi ? That leaves on the right side: Meyers Schmidt So I think a mobile 2 way RH shot is a major priority.
  17. Only thing is Risto is a downgrade in the d zone from Schmidt, and if you have Hughes/Rathbone on the back end there's probably going to be some rough nights. If Hamonic doesn't return it gets even worse.
  18. And just like that BUF fans have been saying Hamilton isn't a very well liked reporter either. I'll just stay out of it at this point. All this chatter and it probably doesn't happen anyways.
  19. Yeah, if this reflects his general attitude I'm back peddling as quick as I can...no thanks.
  20. What's impressed me about Reinhart is how hard he can play. Canucks need another Miller/Horvat type. Plus Podz? And the buzzsaws of Motte and Hoagie? That would be a fun line up to watch go after teams. I guess it all depends on what the deal is/contract extension would be.
  21. I'm very curious about d zone play next season. I noticed the D and C had to work very hard to create loose pucks/TG turnovers. If the wingers wernt able to break out-D was absolutely gassed. Hoglander/Motte were very good at getting the puckout. Hopefully Podzkolzin is a difference maker in that regard as well. Shaw might bring in some d zone tweaks which help. Would be a huge difference maker if the Canucks can execute better getting out of the d zone.
  22. When Sekeres isn't reporting BS, he's creating narratives. He likes to make these inferences, often spinning it as profound and logical. For Powers, him going back to Michigan has to be tied to the Eichel situation in BUF.... One thing about VAN media is how they like to circle the wagons. This Ferraro example is good because it shows how little disagreement exists within VAN media. It's annoying but you've got lots of stuff to tune into if you're a Canucks fan. I'd love to see some of these guys reactions if the Canucks turn things around
  23. Barrios v Davis might be fight of the year. Barrios looking focused and has a big size advantage on Davis. I could see Barrios taking this one. Davis gonna have to show some elite level boxing to win this one imo.
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