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Mafia: The Departed


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The night comes to a close of a new town....

Intoewsable was taking his usual jog through down when *BOOM*, bullet straight to the chest....He starts bleeding... nonstop.... a man in a black cape walks over...rips his shirt open...and sears Intoewsable with a brand that says...."THE VIG"...Intoewsable faints in pain...

A man crashes out the door beside where Intoewsable laid... Luckily the man was a doctor and Intoewsable lives to fight another day....

On the other side of town, Denguin is being tortured by the mafia. He owed too much money. The only way he could pay it all back is with his life... Denguin is slain.

The town is in an up-roar with the recent attempts at murder.... someone has to pay...Peaches is the recent talk of the town. Being new and all... Ever since his appearence in town, a string of events violent events have occured.. PEACHES is hung alive his last words were..."I ONLY EVER CARED FOR THE TOWN!!!! and silence....

[Denguin] an innocent TP is killed by the mafia

[intoewsable] is saved by the doctor but is branded by the VIG

[peaches] an innocent TP is killed by the town

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***Sorry for the bad stories! A little busy right now to be creative with stories! It'll be better tmr!

  1. Snake Doctor

  2. Denguin [TP]

  3. Diesel_3

  4. TheRussianRocket

  5. Imuzi

  6. Alchemy Time

  7. Captain Aerosex

  8. One One Two

  9. Mau5Trap

  10. Intoewsable

  11. WheresWellwood

  12. Gally

  13. Crom!

  14. Peaches [TP]

  15. Apples

  16. NightHawkSniper

  17. Snozberries

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