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Carly Rae Jepsen Makes Worst First Pitch Ever!


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You think you can judge someone's ability by a polished radio signal?

Look up some live videos of pop stars, and you'll notice which ones can actually sing, and which can't but try, and which just dub their studio version and lip sync.

Miley Cyrus, terrible. What's her name who married Chad Kroeger, awful.

Bieber, actually quite talented, and can play several different instruments, but is ok with singing what ever garbage the publisher puts in front of him.

I don't know Selena Gomez, but Rebecca Black was pitch corrected and auto tuned like crazy, and deserves no part in any conversation regarding music. Kesha is absolutely terrible too.

Really, live videos is what tells you the talent level. Everything is so polished it's impossible to tell.

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I'm fairly decent at any sport I attempt (I must be a natural athlete or something?), and can throw anything fairly well... But I'm not entirely confident that I could throw out a first pitch.

My nerves might overcome my god given, natural yet super human sporting abilities.

With my luck I'd toss it backwards during wind up.

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The thing to remember when doing these is that it's the hilariously terrible ones that live on forever in replays. So just go up and lob one to the plate and even if it bounces a few times it's fine, it'll soon be forgotten. Although maybe these things fall into the category of no such thing as bad publicity.

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