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Luongo 2010 Olympics

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I always hear the argument team Canada won the gold in 2010 despite Luongo and any goalie would have won because team Canada was so stacked. Just watch the game again and see how good he had to be. Every team was so stacked just like Canada.

Something to see is right before Crosby scored Luongo made a big and important glove save off a giveaway from Hall of Fame defenseman Scott Niedermayer which then led to rush down ice for the winning goal. And even for the tying goal Niedermayer was on ice Weber and 2 American players were all alone in front. Even a hall of fame defenseman who has won everything can make mistakes and needed Lu to bail him out.

Ryan Miller got credit for playing so great which he did, but look the winning goal gave up and he was a star of the game. If Lu let that in, we would still be hearing and talking about it to this day. Just want people to realize Luongo didn't just stand in net to occupy it. He had so much pressure of the the entire country and playing in his home city and home building. I can't even imagine being in that position I would probably have a heart attack. Luongo can handle pressure clearly.


watch at 1:55:25 for the save before the winning goal.

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I definitely agree. It's just all the typical Luongo haters that say we would've won with anyone in net.

Also, notice how the commentators are so much more excited when USA ties it than when Canada wins it? And how they too criticize Lu. Typical NBC...

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I remember TIGER SINGH. It's seems like just a week ago he was still posting.

I shall tell you his story:

Once apon a time, there was a poster known as TIGER SINGH. TIGER SINGH's love for Luongo and proficiency at making memes were legendary, and because of this many users admired and respected him (though most of these users were his dupe accounts).

But many were jealous of TS's love for Lu, and began to plot against him. They called him out, saying such things as "Your Lu love is over the top" and "Why is it that your memes suck so bad?". Soon, they highjacked the "Worst thread in recent memory" thread and spent their time constantly mocking him.

But TS, through all this, persevered. He continued to make memes and Lu threads at a lighting-fast pace. Soon, even the mods began to dislike him. So, one day, they suspended him.

But TIGER SINGH was not intimidated. No, nothing could intimidate TS, his love for Lu was too strong. So when he was allowed back, he posted memes and Lu threads at an even greater pace, until finally, the users took him before the Administrator.

"Crucify him!" yelled the users

"I have found no fault in this man." Replied the Administrator.

"Crucify him!" The users insisted.

And so, to avoid a conflict, the mods relented and finally banned TIGER SINGH.

And that is the end.

But do not despair, it is said that TIGER SINGH still lives on, in the hearts and minds of his dupe accounts.

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