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Your All-Time #1 Favorite Song


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Nice to see so much variety in this thread. Personally, I doubt that I could come up with just one. A few that come to mind are Closer to the Heart, A Day in the Life, School (Supertramp), Peace of Mind (Boston), Starseed (OLP) and Lightning Crashes by Live.

One other rather obscure title that I've always loved is Sausalito Summernight by Dutch rockers Diesel:

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first, let's use the word "characteristics," not "qualities" -- for obvious reasons

second, i can't answer your question beyond speaking in cliche (angry young people like angry sounding vocals, 'depressed' low key yet aggressive tones). if you are looking for some objective reasons for why depressed, angry young people like metal, google it

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bold 1: i don't care. how you receive music personally may remove you from being an "angry person ITT" but it probably means you're an exception to the rule, or just being dishonest and/or argumentative for its own sake, perhaps out of boredom or an argumentative nature. i don't mean to speculate, but i'm not interested enough to alleviate either one, but that leads to bold #2

bold 2: my WORK? i have no responsibility to you or this conversation, really. i told you where to find the information you're pretending to want, but you, either through being stubborn or being afraid of what you'll find, chose to type that instead. which makes me wonder, are you even interested in the subject? to be totally honest, i couldn't care less about your opinions on LITERALLY anything, least of all music, but if you are sincerely interested in "professional" (objective) consensus in regards to how an individual's personality is reflected in their taste of art, then there is LOADS of documentation out there for you. Googling "heavy metal depression" is a superficial but good start. if you do that, you will get loads of hits about the peer reviewed and 2013 published study, as summarized here:


the summary leads back to this:


but you will need to pay for it or have access to it through your University's library for the gnarly details

if you aren't that interested in that, here is a peer reviewed dissertation about the emotional stability of certain listeners in respect to their favourite/preferred/listened to genre, with loads about metal


if you want the sparknotes version, consult http://en.wikipedia....usic_preference and its wad of footnotes which attempt to justify connections between personality types and musical preference

almost all of which will lead you to the same broad stroke: metal heads are miserable young dudes

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