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Crazy/Weird Stories Thread

Guest Gumballthechewy

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Guest Gumballthechewy

So I had a really weird ass night last night that I can only remember bits and pieces of and I wondered if anyone else here on CDC has some crazy or weird stories they'd like to share.

So I'll start, I don't remember much but what I do remember is weird as s***! :P

Ok, so I went to the bar last night and I met this chick and started chatting with her a bit, eventually she asked if I wanted to ditch this place so I said sure and we left, as we were walking she ask me if I "partook" in the "herb" and I very rarely ever do so I said of course! and she told me it was an "extra special" blend, so I just shrugged and hit it, now I have no idea what it was laced with but damn! things get really fuzzy from here, hell, I don't even know if half of it was even real, I swear to god! I have no idea what was in that thing she gave me!

I remember:

Showing up at a buddies house and taking his dog because he wasn't home (I think we wanted to use the dog to find my buddy...)

Crashing a house party (With previously mentioned dog)

Trying to find some guy who supposedly could ask the dog where my friend was (Pretty sure it was her idea)

Almost getting into a fight with a guy twice my size but convincing him my dog was gonna rip his throat out (My friends dog is a huge German Shepherd)

Eventually finding my buddy and returning his dog (He wasn't too happy)

Trying to find a friend of hers (Who may or my not have been real)

Ending up at a bonfire party and trying to leap over the fire (ten people were trying to hold me back, I never did jump)

Pushing over a small, old, rotten tree stock to throw on the fire (the thing broke in half and nearly landed on my head, she thought it has hilarious)

Messing around at the elementary school playground (I remember bashing my head on the merry-go-round and her giving me a kiss to make it better)

Trying to swim across the two kilometre wide lake (Made it about twenty metres before she had to come and get me)

Going back to her place to dry off ( ;) )

And last but not least her tying me up to her bed and stuffing a whole lime into my mouth...

So yeah, a fun night all in all, and now I ask you CDC, what wacky stories do you have?

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My favorite freshman week story, well not my favorite, but the weirdest one that I fully remember. I was walking back to my friends dorm building with a group of like 4 guys and 5 girls after a bit of drinking. No ones hammered, but no one is sober either. I lied through my teeth to get one of campus security to let me into the dorm building even though I wasn't sure that it was the right one. We get inside, start wandering around trying to find my buddies room, turn the corner and what do we see? Some random student squatting in the hallway taking a poop on the floor.

Also, it turned out that I had brought us to the wrong building.

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This one isn't really funny but it definitely was crazy as frack for me (I don't drink so I don't have the wild night out stories).

I don't get fevers usually, my immune system is pretty good. And even in the odd cases where I do get the flu it's a very mild fever. A few years ago though, some weird sht happened. It was during exam time and I was super stressed. On top of that, I got a terrible flu that made it hard to do just about anything so I studied in bed.

It was a weekend and my family decided to go on a trip to Victoria or something (it was planned a long time ago so they couldn't cancel so I just stayed behind) and I thought it'll be some nice alone time to help me ace physics. I'm usually fine alone and I had no experience of a fever this bad.

Anyway, I invited a friend to study with me and we did so in the living room. Before she had to leave she had to get something from my room. It was getting dark, my fever was getting worse and on her way out, she says, "You could've told me to leave earlier if there was someone waiting in your bed. :bigblush:"

I was a little confused and she says, "I thought you were alone at home. " I told her that I definitely was as far as I know. She just winked and left. Normally I think I'd have just giggled with her and went about my business but I started feeling scared. My fever was rising and I felt sweat everywhere but I did a lap around the house checking and locking all doors and windows.

It was disturbingly quiet aside from my neighbour playing a flute softly outside. There's something eerie about whatever it was he played, very low and sad. It was too much for me, so I turned on the Weather Network on TV and put the volume to the max. The mundane elevator music was slightly comforting (even though I had a kitchen knife in hand at this point).

My head was pounding and my clothes were soaked and my body was shaking so I decided I should go to sleep (forgetting all my irrational fears momentarily). I staggered up the stairs slowly to my room ready to sleep, knife in hand.

As I got closer to my room, that stupid flute got louder, almost shrill, outside and the fear returned. I noticed my window was wide open, curtains swaying gently. I was finding it hard to breathe at this point but it got a whole lot worse when I noticed SOMETHING was curled up in my bed.

I wasn't in a rational state of mind but it's really hard to forget even now the image my fevered mind conjured to be on my bed. It was a rotting corpse of an infant lying tangled in my bedsheets. I couldn't "see" it's body but it's forehead was caved in as if someone has kicked it there. The worst part wasn't even that---the eyes just looked like opened gashes, and slits were where nostrils should've been. It had no mouth. It made a choking wheezing sound and I remember throwing my knife at it and running as fast as I could downstairs. Weather Network was still on but the "relaxing" music even sounded sinister. I called my dad babbling deliriously about a demon child in my bed and how I don't think the knife killed it. I passed out shortly afterwards. I woke up in the ER. Dad had called my neighbour to take me to the hospital and call the cops if needed ASAP. My body temperature was at 106. I failed my physics test the day after. Moral of the story: Take your flu shots

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Holy hell Hodor, that story creeped me out.

I have one that I'll condense (as I've told the entire thing here before).

But I was foolishly trying to hitch hike to Seattle by myself at a young age...had been there once before (Grade 7 field trip) and had no idea how to really get there beyond "I-5 South".

Got through the border ok...just outside of Blaine I stuck my thumb out and was picked up by a guy. He had a flat of beer on the front seat beside him....insisted I get in the front (too)...I did.

As he started driving/talking, I immediately felt uncomfortable with him...a bunch of red flags as my intuition told me something wasn't right. Then the scary part started...he took an exit off the I-5. I knew enough to know we were supposed to stay on the highway.

I asked what he was doing and he said he had to make a stop. We were on a rural road, not much there but a barn set back a bit...pretty isolated and deserted. Knew it was not a good situation.

We approached a stop sign and some railroad tracks, so he slowed down to stop. I immediately hopped out and started running as fast I could back toward the highway. He didn't come back.

Years later, it gives me spine tingling goosebumps to realize I was likely picked up by a young Gary Ridgway....looked just like him.

Moral of the story is twofold: 1. don't hitch hike 2. always listen to that inner voice when it speaks to you. I also had a premonition of an earthquake the night before it happened. Mine is fairly strong, so I tune in to it whenever possible.

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