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[PGT] Canucks 6-2 Oilers


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-Sedinery is certainly not on the decline

-Kesler looked more interested than last game. Hasn't hit beast mode yet, but you can see it coming at some point this season.

-Really dismantled Edm (especially in the 2nd) played keep-away a lot

-Sestito in the second period looked great

-Booth looks like he FINALLY got the memo where he's supposed to be a Power Forward. Not perfect by any means but flashes of some really nice stuff


-I like that our D are aggressive in their pinches, i would however like them to read the play a little better when they're doing it. Its cost us goals in both games so far(really obvious plays too)

-Hard game to judge Luo on, didnt face much action, looked good for the most part.


-David Perron is quickly becoming the easiest Oiler to despise. Hall is making a decent case for himself as well.

-PJ Stock's suit..... What is that?

-DJ Dave playing the F***ing Fox song. WTF is that?!

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Dubnyk sucks. He is a backup or AHL goalie at best.

Luongo looked kind of weak at the beginning, Kesler ripped apart the game, 8 shots, 1 fight, 1 goal. Our PP looks sharp but not alot of finishes but I don't think we played to our best. I think the 4th line played less because of our injuries but I want to see Dalpe play a bit more.

How does that taste, Oilers?

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