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Torts ask a reporter a question


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That made me cry. Imagine always being discriminated against in the world, and then having the Canucks coach give him an endorsement. Wow. Amazing

I commented in a previous thread that Torts has shown us a side of himself that was never disclosed while he was in NY. I believe that image is his natural self who is caring, compassionate and considerate of the special things outside of the hockey world. L

ike the media always does, they love to address all the garbage that happens because that is what keeps them working and it sells advertisements which is sadly the root of their being. He got all caught up in the horrendous media swirl that followed him during his days in New York, and it was only that mess that followed him to Vancouver rather than the real character stuff he is made of.

He is a breath of fresh air for Vancouver fans and this team and I am impressed with his qualities and abilities as coach and how he has got this team playing. The team was floundering for lack of solid leadership until Torts appeared on the scene. We are lucky to have him. It was a good move by Canucks management to hire him.

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Honestly I don't think this Torts "changing his ways" like a lot of people say. I think he was always a nice guy but the media likes to focus more on him getting angry at reporters and making him seem like and asshole. The guy really just keeps it real, nothing fake about him.

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