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  1. Hopefully no one blames the Canucks. So many games in so few nights and a lot of the players are still having side effects from the pathogen..
  2. 100% it does. The stories my wife tells me about useless nurses and techs that do nothing and get paid top dollars is crazy. They are all protected. Every evening when she shows up for her graveyard, she always sees the same lazy nurses talking and playing facebook game on their department computers! (they send the new younger nurses to do the work). A few of the techs she works around basically refuse to go to ER to deal with patients and always send the younger ones. They take complete advantage of students who are doing their practicum. Of course not ALL heath care workers are
  3. A lock down is coming Monday?? Hearing lots of chatter!
  4. Big box stores are not included. Every single box store is packed and a joke. But they are protected like crazy. That is the issue with all this crap. People are fed up with lack laws for some area's and super anal for others. Remember when they said masks were not really needed? Then they were, but not in schools.. Now they are ?
  5. So my parents were cleaning out the attic and found some pokemon cards...! Are they worth anything or active ?
  6. Block 100% none Canadians and Permanent Residence from buying in Canada.
  7. They never were bruh. We will need a new shot every year and a huge part of the population still will never get the shot. Then again we need to de crowd right ?
  8. Good thing our health care centers are not in crisis mode!
  9. Sucks this happens, I wonder if he would of survived here from that? Better medical care ect. Poor kid, family and team.
  10. 10 @ GME 131 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLD YOU APES...!
  11. Fk the royal family. Full of corruption, cover ups and a pedo... oh and racist. Pathetic bunch really.
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