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  1. good thing your not an admin.
  2. too bad, they need to add more parties. Would be cool to see a new party come in and smash both these current ones.
  3. Silly American big heads waste tax payer money yet again on a useless trial that we all new the outcome. I wonder how much this one cost this time ? Too much corruption from top to bottom in that building.
  4. Don't fire Jim. Ask him to step down to head scout or assist GM. he thrives in those areas.
  5. the offseason isn't were they ruined it bud. It was ruined over the last few years with terrible contracts.
  6. He is a rat! He didn't get rich being nice and legit that's for sure.
  7. His scouting ability shows every time he drafts. He is amazing at that. He should stay in that role and leave the GM position.
  8. A new coach will not fix this issue people! IT may help this season and win a few more games then losing. The real issue is how much money we have tied up in players not even playing !!!!
  9. People are too dumb to understand that. They will just keep blaming Greener.