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  1. That were proven. Many people could of brought it and gone through the process etc..
  2. Paris has turned into a poop hole! Was their last year, not a very nice place these days.
  3. Nothing, bang on really. The real issue is the over dose crisis in this province. A lot more pain and suffering but since most of the people are considered homeless people turn a blind eye.
  4. No. Expansion of our Air Force is better. When Iran blew up the plane carrying many iraning Canadians , we should of retaliated with air strikes on their air defence and government buildings. Instead we waited too see what USA would do...
  5. So is the world going to hold China accountable for this virus ? My friend who is visiting his parents back home said the exotic markets are still open and thriving. I’m not surprised to hear this but it seems China doesn’t care it brought the world economy and many people to their knees.. good friends of mine just lost their business because of this pandemic..
  6. Benning has been good... but he’s also really screwed us badly with some contracts...
  7. He's a crazy good talker for answering questions lol
  8. Honestly not to bad all things considering. Health care isn’t overwhelmed with cases thankfully.
  9. That's because we are #1 man!
  10. My wife works in a local few hospitals and they had an outbrea in one/ . She was tested. During the wait period they still wanted her and her co workers to work if they had no symptoms!
  11. Boo. Poor choice!!!!! That team sucks! Great for his career..!