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This bio will only be 5paragraphs about my life!

It was late at night in south Africa that I was born, in a small town with no hospital. My father was In the English army at the time. We stayed in south African till I was 6ish and then moved to England in manchester. My childhood was good, I had the best parents I could of had and 2nice and annoying sisters who are 7years younger twins. I grew up playing goalkeeper in soccer, in England that's their #1 sport. I was always on the top team for my age and rated since I was 10ish as a potential EPL GK. This put a lot oddf pressure on me, school marks were always before average but I was popular.

By my teenage day I was a total different man then my childhood. I was always pretty tall and strong and the babes chased me haha. Loved football(soccer) and my marks pick up after my dad said I had to. One of my sisters at 5 got shot in the head, which cause server head damage she died at only 9years old after much pqin . that was one of the saddest moments in my life but made me stronger in every possible way.

I made a local college and was set to go there, till I got information that man utd team wanted me to join. Their 3rd team, I was honour and since I could continue my studies in science. The following year I made the 2nd team as the backup for the team. One week in I go home and my mom tells me, that my dad has died of unexpected heart issues. I was upset and angry , the assistant coach was a christian and became my new dad for that year. He lead me to Christ, made me a new man, and introduce my future wife. He was a great man, I only played 14mins the whole season and let in 0 goals. They let me go after that but continued paying my college fees. I became a boat engineer for the navy after quitting my old job. I got marry quickly and England sent me to live in newfoundland and help Canada navy.

Me and my wife had 2kids then I needed to be home, so I resign and became a fishermen. That is what I did for 40years straight till I retire. We had a total of 5 and raised them as best we could, they are all well and I am one lucky life! I lost my best friend on my 50th birthday on a freak accident on a Clift overhaging my life. That accident shake the whole town and all the people came to know Christ and we had a month of revival. I retired a few years ago, my house is pages for and my wife and life is never better. My kids all live in close perimeter to my place.

I am a proud son, father, husband, grandpa, and great grandpa. My life has it up and downs but Christ has always been my backbone to my life success. If I had a choice to change my life I wouldn't, I am better for it today. I really hope some of you guys will come to christ! I spend my days fishing , babysitting, loving my life and living each day as fullybas Christ allows me to.

Thank for your time !

If u want more tell me I can add more, also could do a CDC bio.


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