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On 7/22/2023 at 11:59 AM, King Heffy said:

I'm a little concerned about the motherboard and power supply not being specified.  One option that I'd recommend is getting somewhere like Memory Express to build it for you.  Their prices for parts are on par with online retailers.  A bad motherboard is especially irritating to replace.  You'll have to find one compatible with your CPU and will likely need to buy Windows again if it ever fails.

I mean they are probably not a ton of power and not a super up to date mother board. But the computer has everything plugged into it including the very important memory, SSD, and separate graphics card so it should work fine. If he ain't the kind to open it up and put in new memory or graphics card or SSD, then it's probably irrelevant. If you are then you go custom build and get extra power put in. Then of course, your spending a lot more than 800 bucks. 

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19 hours ago, ronthecivil said:

It has lot's of memory and a 1T solid state drive so it's fine. I have just put a 1T SSD drive into my like five year old PC because I was running out of memory and it still runs like everything fine.

Thanks. I actually ended up passing on that deal and getting a build with newer components. That one also wasn’t Windows 11 compatible and figured it would just be simpler to not have to deal with Windows 10 sunsetting in a couple years, and went with a newer computer with Windows 11. Also went with a much newer and better (significantly better performance per the benchtest reports) GPU. Got everything set up and seems to be working well. Kids are using their VR headset and are able to play all their games, so they’re happy with it. It’s not all that sexy of a build, compared to a really serious gaming PC, but it’s more than enough for what my kids need and it’s got the specs to play any game they want to try.

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