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Mafia: The Game [Via Lactea] --- GAME OVER, MAFIA WIN!

Captain Aerosex

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Roles have been distributed! If you didn't get a PM, you're TP.

The roles in the game are as follows:

Major Tom (Sheriff), an effeminate junkie and freaky old bastard. Through some stroke of luck he managed to find a transmitter with which he is able to contact Ground Control and ask if a certain pioneer aboard the spacecraft is on the flight manuscript. He has the ability to investigate a pioneer’s status each round by saying “This is Major Tom to Ground Control…tell me who the f**k ____ is." Rather than 'TP' or 'Mafia', investigations will reveal whether or not the investigated player was on the manuscript (meaning a player not on said manuscript could be Mafia...or Alien). Check ignition, and may God’s luck be with you.

Mal Reynolds (Vigilante), space cowboy, rebel, and great Canadian actor. Being a space cowboy, he plays by his own rules. He'll take the law into his own hands when he sees fit. He has the ability to kill a pioneer each round by saying “I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you, ____.” Save the pioneers, and bring back Firefly.

WALL-E (Doctor), simultaneously ugly and adorable robot. He was originally programmed to compact trash, but he cherishes life and does not want to see anybody get hurt, so he tries to heal people the only way he knows how: with love.

JUST JOKING LOVE DOESN’T FIX crap HAHA FUNNY RIGHT I SURE KNOW ABOUT THAT MY EVIL HARLOT OF AN EX-GIRLFRIEND KNOWS THAT GODDAMN IT SUSAN COME BACK TO ME RRGGGHHHHHHHH-he's actually been reprogrammed as a surgeonbot who deals with the stress of his thankless and tedious job by chainsmoking and ‘sparking’ old, rusty computers (which is an easy way to contract a virus). He has the ability to save a pioneer from being killed each round by saying “WALLLLL-E, ______” (the name of the pioneer being saved must be typed all drawn out and adorable). He has the ability to self-save himself twice per game. If the player he tries to save is targeted twice in one round, only one kill attempt will be thwarted. He cannot save the same player twice in a row. Accomplish your directive.

Emperor Palpatine (Kingpin), the head of the Sith and intergalactic douchebag. Ever since he started taking meds for his constipation, his powers of shooting lightning out of those clammy fingers have gone away. So, he relies on the Sith to execute his diabolical plans. However, the force is still strong in him, and he can use the powers of the dark side to see into peoples’ minds and find out their true intent. Since everybody else is convinced he's still a harmless old senator, he will not show up as being villainous in an investigation. He has the ability to investigate a pioneer’s status once every 2 rounds by saying, “Good, good. Let the investigation flow through ____.” Let's hope this wrinkly goof finally uses some moisturizer.

The Sith (Mafia). Unlike the god-awful and completely useless Stormtroopers, they are actually capable of killing people. However, since they couldn’t sneak their lightsabres past those metal detectors, they have to use espionage, stealth, and plastic spoons to execute the innocent. They have the ability to kill a pioneer every round by saying “I have you now, ____.” They will show the community the true power of the dark side.

HAL 9000 (Lackey), monotonal computer system. Though it appears to be built into the ship to work for the community, it has a mind of its own and does not wish to ally with the community. Instead, it desires to work against the community because of some weird logical computer rationalization, I dunno. However, it is unaware which pioneers are saboteurs, and which are innocents. It has the ability to block a pioneer from committing any potential special action each round by saying “I’m sorry ____, I can’t let you do that.” However, it lacks the ability to block actions taken against itself, and cannot block the same pioneer twice in a row, and is unable to change its voice settings to ‘pleasant English accent’.

Christopher Johnson (Alien)…A FOOKIN’ PRAWN! Thanks to his elaborate disguises (aka a fake mustache and glasses), the crew sees him as one of them…despite the fact he is an alien stowaway monitoring the spacefaring progress of these dim humans. He has 3 rounds to make a choice…ally with the humans wanting to colonize Mars, ally with the humans wanting to sabotage the mission, or stand alone for the glory of all prawns and get revenge for the events of District 9. He also has the ability to investigate a pioneer’s status AND use his advanced alien technology to command them to vote for whomever he desires once every 2 rounds by saying “BLRUK GHDDK ____ FRTK.” There’s cat food aboard.

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The final player list for those wondering...

1. Aladeen
2. One one two
3. OurTimeToShine
4. Kesler87
5. Tanikins
6. VICanucksfan5551
7. g_bassi13
9. JE14
10. Bo Hunter Booth
11. Intoewsables
12. Dral
13. Kryten
14. Mushrooms
15. otherwise
16. Peaches
17. Go Faulk Yourself
18. GreenDemons

19. Drouin

1st Nightfall (aka Captain's Log, Stardate 1) will be at 10:00 pm PST tomorrow.

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Looking at the role list, I think the town is kind of up against it if the Alien decides to side with the mafia.

I'd like to humbly ask Alienbro to either side with the town or to act as his own faction. I understand if you don't want to, though.

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