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Mafia: Vanilla Championships Game 2 (Townspeople Win!)


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We need an advertising campaign. Can you popular cdcers advertise mafia in your sigs?


Status updates are goat as well... also could get some new blood (PM Jazz, that guy is probably just waiting for an invite)...

I'm in if there's a Doppelganger ;)

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1) Beluga Whale

2) Aladeen

3) Otherwise

4) OurTimeToShine

5) JohnLocke

6) HashtagNucks

7) Zfetch

8 TimeLord

9) Fox Mulder

10) GFY

11) Dral

12) CanucksLegacy


There'd better be a doppelganger... or you're going to be banned from the next 3 games I host... :P

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I'll join if there's room


I'd say there's no room unless you want to snuggle... but certain members of CDC (cough Aladeen cough) would take advantage of you....

who are we kidding? you're going to be tsken advantage of, whether you like it or say "yes sir, can I please have some more"

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