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[PGT] Detroit Red Wings vs Vancouver Canucks 3-2 OT

44 Duncan

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In order to win hockey games you need to play 60 minutes, you can't dominate 2 and not show up for the rest. Giving those penalties in the 3rd was also what lost us this game. Need to be better and more consistent.

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Lets not get ahead of ourselves, Canycks were a better team by a mile, but let off for just 2-3 minutes in the 3rd and it cost em. Soft call on Weber to tie up the game. Willie was great, the less ice time for Virt and Baer was due to special teams in the 2nd. He was fair with the lines even strength.


It honestly seems like our 3rd period is just cursed. We cant buy a win at home lol. As weird as it os to say, Im kinda glad Higgins will be back soon...not that SB has been bad, I guess we really do miss Higgins.

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