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[MAFIA] - Who Killed CDC Mafia (Mafia Wins!)

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6 minutes ago, thejazz97 said:


I think until she comes down, we should take anything she says with a grain of sand and a pinch of autocorrect.


I literally didn't gain anything from reading the thread, btw.

I don't think she's telling the gospel by any stretch, but I wouldn't ignore her either. Though this be madness, there's method to it - Anon.


Numbers & Stamkos (I think?) with the back & forth language that I don't understand isn't sitting to well for my taste.

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2 hours ago, One one two said:

Jazz is trying to plant it into everybody's head that I'm not worth listening to when the truth is that i am and me alone can get us out of this


Unvote vote Kaspersky auto correct meant the guy who' framing me-Jasper.


I never said you're not worth listening to. I just wanted to wait until I understand your posts more to take you at your word :) 

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On 12/18/2016 at 11:24 AM, JohnLocke said:

112 is gonna make up for 80% of the posts in this game. 


I haven't played mafia in so long. What do I do?

I am going to make up for everybody else slacking off and failing to catch themselves falling into traps of thinking and trust of players who are probably actually mafia. Definitely.

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