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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks at Sabres Sunday Feb. 12th 2017


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Game 55: Canucks at Buffalo Sabres Sunday February 12th 2017 4:30 PM at KeyBank Center


Canucks right back at it in upstate New York


4-2 Canucks


Points accumulated so far on this Road Trip: 2 Points  (Canucks can only get a maximum of 8 points this road trip so anyone guessing 10 and over is eliminated from getting bonus points)


2 Points: Green^Arrow

3 Points: Googlie

4 Points: Green Goblin, Mr53,

5 Points: PistolPete13, Bo fan, RogersTowell,

6 Points: Pete M, BigCountry18, spook007, Whale Tale, Where's Wellwood, Hectic,

7 Points: Canuck_Fan_52, jovocop55, Beeekz37, Tajun, canucksnhl, hearditall, Blaze04,

8 Points: FijianCanuck, Beary Sweet, Twilight Sparkle, Devon Jade, Hortankin, petmar74, HOFsedins, mll,

9 Points: fourtwentyfour, Heated Blue,

10 Points: -Vintage Canuck-, Adarsh Sant, Jasmijn Meeuwissen,

12 Points: Strombone,












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