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This will not be the league thread just a discussion thread on what you guys would like to see in a new STHS league


Also please let me know if you are interested in this thread as well



I am currently working on what I need to get the STHS program (with some sort of website) up and working


We will be using current rosters as of this season and will include the Golden Knights (31 teams)

All contracts, player data, AHL, prospects and coaches for each team will be up to date


I have a guy who has been doing STHS ratings with his people for the past 17 seasons. His ratings our based on 1 year, 2 year or career statistics (depends on which attribute in the STHS program). Ratings are based on RL performance


EX: penalty shot, leadership and experience are based on career

Durability is rated on a 2 year scale

Skating is done by a committee of people in the hockey industry

All other categories are based on 1 season (so last year)


Once the 1st season is over we will re rate the players based on STHS performance



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