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Fair weather fans, wagon jumpers, trolls, fanatics and long term fans, whatever they all are watching the game and team.


As many fans as there are, there are as many different reasons for watching.


Recently the team has won 3 games in a row.

This has spawned the fair weather and fanatical fans to exciting heights, all is right in Canuck town, the playoffs are almost assured, all the presidents men are heroes and playoff parties are being planned. Some fans will see a very fast and young team playing an winning and entertaining game without any warts.


To some fans they will still be tentative with regards to the team being this early in the season. They might notice that the team has a few younger players and the games are seeing more scoring and recognize this as happening across the league. They might be hesitant about the number of shots for and against. Comments from the players would seem to indicate a circle the wagons approach which has been successful due mainly to the higher and improved power play proficiency.


The trolls will demean posters going both ways, they attack posters rather than content and will often try to derail threads, sometimes just for the fun of it or to smother an idea that is not their own.


Long term fans will see this as a season, not just a group of games, they would see improvement but be cautious with regards to championing total achievement, they could be looking to two or three years in the future using past experiences as guidelines for expectations, they could remember the other years that such and such prospect was the "one" or that it sometimes took 3+years in the NHL before superior play started showing itself. They have seen the way the game is now played and the difference between the game in regular season and playoffs and can be fairly accurate in assessing probabilities. They are likely the old fanatics of the past, the ones that took hook, line and sinker when wiggled and now are less fanatical. They are still fans and some realize what the goal is and that 5 or 8 years is up to 15% of a life time.


Then there are the fans "from Missouri", the "show me" fans, they will be the older long term fans that have experienced rebuild for 3/4 of their lives, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me", they have seen just about all the promise of the next year, prospects and hope. Some express themselves as sceptical or critical of what they perceive as repeated errors and are less like to want to waste time while listening to replay's from the past 30 years and wonder why the team can't just skip the mistakes. Most of the past fanatics have seen so much hockey they may know more than the people running teams, of course the politics of the game require being an insider. 


The Canucks need Band Wagon fans to help sell seats, they need the fanatics to help sell the game, nothing wrong with that and the team needs the more reserved fans to help urge improvement.


The key word for all is FANS and all should be welcome.


I am sure there are a couple of categories out there I haven't covered, if you have any feel free. And now the torch.



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Bandwagon jumpers aren't real fans, more like a temporary cheering section with conditions. They just want to belong and join in the fun while it's here. I don't care either way. I know I'm a fan and always will be, even during the rough times.

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I think too much focus is in what actions fans are doing here. By nature, human beings are negative and are more likely to complain when things are going wrong than praise when things are going right.


That being said, not everyone wants to read a bunch of random banter about the most minuscule of thoughts. Most fans have a life. They are more focused on their lives and prefer to just enjoy the Canucks. My theory is some of those fans come on these boards after wins to post. This does not mean they are not fans when they don't post.


Then there's the posters who are willing to change their opinions. These posters tend to be stronger minded as they are willing to look at things in either light depending on the circumstance. It's one thing to listen to ideas. It's another thing entirely to consider ideas and be willing to accept being wrong about something. The ones willing to accept being wrong and change their opinion are the ones who could be deemed more "realistic" in the end.


Therefore, I really think the term "bandwagoners" is perhaps one of the most inaccurate terms used on these boards. It's a derogatory term merely used when one gets frustrated that their opinion is not being understood or wants to think more is going on behind the scenes when there really isn't.

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