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[speculation] sutter,edler to nsh for fabbro&1st round pic

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20 minutes ago, burrardstreetbullies said:

go play some fortnite and chill out bruh.   you are actually saying this wouldnt happen at all?

He's a fan, not an analyst or anything of that nature. he's as credible as me, not very credible at all.

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28 minutes ago, burrardstreetbullies said:

thats a rumor from a reliable source.  sutter and edler make the preds cup favs to beat winnipeg and literally any team would be licking there chops to get edler as a rental for a cup run

... some random Twitter guy?


He has almost no followers and is not a “reliable source” as you well know.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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