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[Proposal] Vancouver - Colorado

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Brock Boeser to Colorado for the 4th Overall Pick in 2019 Draft.


Canucks (JB) need to be bold for once.  This rebuilt sucks... Slow and steady is not going to get us anywhere.  But it will get everyone fired.


Use the money saved that would have been used to sign Boeser to sign Panarin.


With the 4th pick we have a lots of options.  Possibility of trading up for Hughes or even trading with Chicago to get Bowen Byram or just take best player available at 4th pick.


Colorado does because... they want to win now and they can, they have extra picks.  Is there a better option for Colorado than Boeser?









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I agree with the thinking if Boeser is cold on long term with us.


To get max value on him, i would sign a bridge deal and let him increase his value to the deadline. 


I would only move him for 4th if we know for sure we can get Hughes or Byram.


TBH I think Col would rather Dmen or Centers. And ones who have playoff exp.







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Only deal I consider with Boeser is a swap with Toronto for Mitch Marner.


Marner will be paid more and tbh if we were to swap each other rights, we get a better player for more $ (We can afford it), TO signs Boeser for less but in their range available.


We however add 2nd round pick/ eat Marleau's contract, and pieces.

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20 hours ago, sonoman said:

Best pure scorer since Naslund and people want to trade him? 

Were not talking Swedes


Were talking Yankees who play hard and want to win.


The last great with us was Kesler and we saw how that plays out.


He has Dakota in his heart man. They want a cup there as bad as us.

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2 hours ago, sonoman said:

Best pure scorer since Naslund and people want to trade him? 

Sure, that's nice and all. But wouldn't you rather draft another guy that could be the best pure goal scorer since Naslund? I mean, Boeser is nice and all but just imagine if we draft another guy and he becomes as good as Boeser, BUT he's younger :frantic: Can't rebuild around 22 year old fossils like Boeser when we can be drafting 18 year olds instead and hope they are as good as Boeser.

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54 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

So, Boeser and possibly Boldy (the #10) for Turcotte? No thanks. 

You forgot that Panarin is replacing Boeser... Boeser isn't giving a hometown discount,  think long game and cap management.


So it's Panarin, possibly Boldy and Turcotte... but with picks 4 and 10... Canucks would have serious options.


Why do fans get married to a player.... it's just business to most players.  Show me the money.

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