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Is a winless season a real possibility?

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The sky is falling  

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Even if our bottom two ones get outplayed EVERY game (which they were against a bad team last night), our top two lines are good enough to win a fair number of games on their own.  That said, the bottom six were mostly awful against an awful team but it’s only been one game.  Let’s see how it is by Xmas.

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2 hours ago, BrockBoester said:

I was just wondering if you guys thought it was a possibility for the Canucks to win zero games this season..


After Edmonton beat us in the first game of the season by one goal, many Canucks fans have converted from the Church of Pettersson to the Church of McDavid..


And like, Quinn Who-ghes? He's supposed to be a super-rookie #1+++ D-man of the future, and he doesn't even score 4 goals and carry the team to victory?


And what's up with Marky? No shutout? Come on bro. Get it together eh?


Don't even get me started on our supposed "superstar" Elias Pettersson. If this is the guy that's supposed to take us to the promised land, I think we might be in for another 50 year wait before we get our first Cup.


I guess we all overrated our Canucks roster for this year. Clearly everyone on the roster is a bust and should be traded for picks and future considerations.


So what do you guys think? Will we win a game at all this season?

It's a game...everybody wins when we have fun


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