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Mafia: Treason and Plot [Game over - town win]

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6 minutes ago, Alain Vigneault said:

If we want to vote among the "hard to read, could be town or mafia", we vote milk and honey and not Darth Melvin, imo.

Fecking just vote me or hoggers. Those are the only options. I either want him lynched or I want to die and criticize you all from the DPS. I'm not doing another day of this. 

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Hot Take...



Lucky, Ceres, Hoggers. 


Ladies and gentlemen, I submit...the Mafia Team.





Think about it...Lucky is ridiculously scummy in the 1st, Ceres helps lead the lynch. Wolf.



Then Ceres pulls "The Letter", a brilliant plot that's placed shade upon himself...ALL THE WHILE Hoggers wages a steady, & persistent case against Ceres, and receives a letter himself!



If Ceres hangs and flips wolf, Hoggers is a cleared Deep Wolf. Ditto for the man they call "Cutest Creature of Certain Sections of the Sea". Ceres.











Fight me.


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9 minutes ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Serious question: if hoggers and I got the same message, why is he scummy but I’m more TP than him? Something about our actions or play?

Because hoggers is easily making up the letter entirely.

You are clearly not making this up since you claimed after nightfall (unless some really wild schemes are happening).

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Ask yourselves these questions:


1) who intends to gain the most from the first letter (tricking the town into Mislynching me)? 


2) who intends to gain the most from the second letter? 


The answer to both questions is hoggers.

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