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Mafia: Treason and Plot [Game over - town win]

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While we're waiting for Milk to decide what his fake claim will be, let's talk go over the highlights of the game:


Heart =  Finding out Zfetch isn't even 20 yet. (Not sure I even believe this). 


Upvote = Letter from the sheriff: Wanted: Dead or Alive: Ceres


Haha =  Hoggers' fake letter that tied to incriminate Darth Melvin. r/therewasanattempt


Hydration = AV pretending to think the "mafia hunting role" was a vigilante. 


Confused = Milk saying his alignment was "tbd". 


Thanks = lucky saying he didn't like hoggers' new avatar before hoggers had posted.

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28 minutes ago, Ceres said:



Thanks = lucky saying he didn't like hoggers' new avatar before hoggers had posted.

Correction, said I do like it.

Also, I'd noticed it a few weeks back when he said he was in for the game.


So although the end result is the same, your reasoning wasn't 100% accurate.


Just saying.


I'll go back to being dead now

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