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Honor Alex Burrows

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Alex Burrows.


I have been wondering how to bring up MacLean.


I just about got sick watching Ron MacLean throw another person under the bus just to prop up his "holier than thou" persona.


Over his career he has been somewhat wishy washy catering to popular idealism. One thing about Cherry he was consistent, MacLean looks like he is trying to become "Mr. Rogers"


He jumped all over Burrows when the eastern media snapped their fingers, he used his prestige of being with Cherry to condemn Burrows, after that he lost alot of respect from me but this thing he does to Cherry, not once but twice.


Anyway Alex Burrows should be given some sort of special award for not giving up, un-drafted, goes to the ECHL, works through to the AHL and finally the Canucks, changes his game to what will keep him in the league, signs an extremely team friendly contract, 2 mil/yr when guys scoring 30 g in one season are getting 4+mil, a player that JT Miller should try to emulate, a PK specialist, a PP trigger man, a pest, played defence when needed, did a damn good job at center when needed and played every game like it could be his last and the end of it all he graciously agree's to waive his NTC to further help the team.

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