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I listen to a lot of hockey talk on the drive to/from work and lately, have heard some things that have made me chuckle, think, reminisce and ponder.  

I sometimes post these as status updates, but thought it would be kind of cool to have a spot where others could also share related tidbits of interest (that aren't worthy of a thread on their own).


Love listening to Burke's feedback...he's the real deal for me.


This morning, shared a funny story I hadn't heard before.   The discussion was centered around the decision to move BMo to the line with Nazzy and Bert....in what would become The Westcoast Express.


So he was talking about their relationship and how Mo took a lot of guff from Bert and Nazzy, who both would complain on the bench to (at) him that he missed them when they were wide open.


He said they were complaining all the time (especially Bert).  LOL


So at one point they came off from their shift and were harping on him with the same old "I was open" when, as Burke described, Mo snapped back at them (not verbatim, just from recall):


He leaned back and shot a few swear words at them.  Then later, with his teeth out and the subsequent lisp, said:  "What do they think they're theven (7) eleven?  Open all the time??".   




I enjoy hearing about the behind the scenes interactions and you truly have to be close like brothers to have these types.


Anyhow, feel free to share any quips as you come across them.  Bert is on Bertuesdays (650) and often has me giggling on the drive in to work...good way to start the day.

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19 minutes ago, joe-max said:

Kes and Juice share several great stories on their podcast, e.g. Jyrkki Lumme's beer fart evacuation or how Bieksa made Burrows interrupt a couple's private moments.

Still have to find make time to listen in on them.  Can imagine they have some great laughs.

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3 hours ago, debluvscanucks said:



Anyhow, feel free to share any quips as you come across them.  Bert is on Bertuesdays (650) and often has me giggling on the drive in to work...good way to start the day.

I think that line enjoyed the internal banter. I remember a few stories...


On road trips Bert would apparently get to the front of the plane and roast a victim. One day he was picking on Mo and said to him...


"You are 29 years old and bald!"


Mo looked up and replied...  "I'm 30 a$$hole!" :emot-parrot:


When one of Bert and Nazzy were close to breaking some goal or point total Mo was asked who he would pass to if they came down on a 3 on 0. Mo replied he would look both of them off and shoot himself.

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Jakub Voracek was roommates with Mike Commodore in Columbus. Voracek woke up in the middle of the night, with a blonde bombshell in the other bed and couldn’t figure out why. He was searching the room for Commodore, couldn’t find him, then found him laying on the hotel floor, butt naked, passed out drunk. Spittin’ Chiclets is a funny podcast. Highly recommend. 

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When the hockey card craze was in full force a number of years ago I was teaching a grade five class.  One of the required Language Arts concepts we were require to teach was letter writing and addressing envelopes.  I decided to turn this into a fun assignment and had my students write letters to hockey players asking them to sign the three cards which were enclosed in each envelope.  I suggested to one student to write to Jason Marshall who was playing for the Blues, but at one time had been a student at our school.  I knew Jason fairly well and explained to Kyle that Jason would surely write back as he was a great guy.  The kids waited with great anticipation each afternoon for the arrival of the mailman at the school.  Letter after letter arrived, complete with the autographed cards, but Kyle got no response from Jason.  As the hockey season drew to an end Kyle was the only student who had not received at least one response from an NHLer.  The playoffs came and went and suddenly the hockey season drew to a close and no further letters arrived at the school.  Kyle was really disappointed and some of the more generous kids in the class gave Kyle one of their extra autographed cards, but it just wasn't the same as receiving a letter in the mail with the cards he had sent away.  One day near the end of the school year there was a knock at my classroom door and when I answered it Jason Marshall was there.  He had brought bumper stickers, signed pictures and other Blues' memorabilia for Kyle (along with the three signed cards Kyle had originally sent).  Jason was also very happy to take pictures with the kids and he spent at least an hour visiting with them answering all of their questions.  Kyle was the star of the class and the kids all went home terribly excited at having met a real NHL player.  It was one of the best days in my long career as an educator.

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one of my favourites was at an andy moog golf tourney. darrel reaugh, goaltender in edmonton chain gave this bit of a roast.

he said, they called andy moog the michael jackson of hockey.  he explained it was because they both wore one glove on their hands, for no apparent reason.  

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That's priceless ^^^ . :lol:


Listening to Burke on HNIC - he's talking about NHL scheduling issues.  Gave an example using Canucks November road trip - 2 Eastern road games = $320,000.00 in travel costs!!  Says it can be done much better.  I agree!

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