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[VIDEO] The Lost Shifts: Ep. 2: Mark Messier, The Anti-Canuck - A 20-Minute Exploration of Messier's Catastrophic Time in Vancouver and the Hypocrisy of Hockey's "Greatest Leader" - Pass It To Bulis

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In the storied mythos of the Vancouver Canucks, Mark Messier is undoubtedly the team's greatest villain. No coach, no general manager, nor any other player remains as reviled as the notorious Messier. If one were to consult any lifelong Canucks supporter for their opinion of their team's captain from 1997 to 2000, the responses would be unanimous: he epitomizes the injustices that have maligned the team throughout their fifty-year history.
He was always known for his gritty style. He was a talented playmaker, and he also possessed an excellent wrist shot. He was intelligent with the puck and reliable defensively. However, he punished opponents with vicious elbows, body checks and a malicious, physical approach. He was the ideal two-way forward.
In Vancouver, his physicality was absent. From the very beginning, commentators noticed a complete lack of intensity from the player frequently regarded as fierce and passionate. He was passive and lethargic. His words were hypocritical. His conduct destroyed his reputation in Vancouver.
In Episode II of The Lost Shifts, we examine Messier's play in one of his earliest performances with the Canucks: a home game against the Detroit Red Wings on October 26, 1997. It became clear within only a month that this acquisition was a blunder of catastrophic proportions.
Our format today deviates from that of our Pavel Bure episode (Episode I). In order to illustrate Messier's apathetic conduct in the most effective and concise fashion, today's presentation features every piece of footage from the match in which he appears on-screen as well as a few extended shifts where his absence from the frame should be considered troublesome.
Interview audio from Dan Russell's CKNW 980 show Sportstalk, as well as the insights of numerous commentators can be heard throughout the video. Episode II concludes with a five-minute montage feature.
Read the full article detailing his story of betrayal and sabotage at Pass It To Bulis: https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/canucks-hockey/the-lost-shifts-ep-2-mark-messier-the-anti-canuck-video-2156705
I am @CambieKev on Twitter.
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I loved Messier and honestly thought he would bring us a Cup. Terrible years. Hated him for how he floated with out the passion they mentioned.

The good thing we got out of this was trading Linden for Bert and McCabe. Linden was on the decline while Bert ended up being the greatest power forward in Canuck history and McCabe who was a fantastic defenceman. This began a legacy of all legacies in sport trades! Bert a few years later got traded to the greatest goaltender in Canucks history; Luongo. McCabe got traded for a pick that later turned into one of the Sedins! 

But wait! Like in those info commercials, it’s not over yet! Luongo in about 10 years gets traded for Marky who is the current Canucks MVP. 

I’ve never seen a trade continue to pay such incredible dividends in more that. 30 years later! 

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