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Mafia: Flight of the Dirty Birds - Game Over, TOWN WINS!!

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The town thought they'd come to an agreement, but that dirty ass crow got up to no good again and the town was in confusion. Loud chirps, squawks and sad songs played throughout townhall. 

Everything was settled by a coin flip - and the Whiskey Jack was forced into the street to be run over by an Uber.




@BoKnows is dead. He was the Whiskey Jack - Town



Feeling they weren't quite finished for the day the Dirty Birds decided it was time to sneak up on Golden Eagle and fire a shot. They knew he'd be easy pickings because he was passed out, finally.... Was a wicked four day bender and that fella was pooched. 

It's a good thing he decided to sleep in his bulletproof vest.... !





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