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[Speculation] Is Schmidt on the move?

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5 hours ago, wallstreetamigo said:

Excellent post.


People here who bash the media and cry about how unscrupulous they are clearly have no understanding at all how the relationship between the media and insiders around the nhl actually works. 


The media are regularly fed info that GM's, agents, players, etc want out in the public sphere. On the flip side, the media uses their sources to gather info they need for a scoop.


Its very much a two way street. 

Stop stroking each other's c$#$.  You sirs are media hacks.



The public will lose interest in your bs.  

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42 minutes ago, Provost said:

“Some people earned some of their money” is not a rational counterpoint to my comment.


Wealth isn’t what you earned and spent.  The bulk of boomer wealth has been due to real estate inflation.  When you took out a $50,000 mortgage and now your house is worth $800,000… it is a stretch to say you earned that, certainly not when making the argument that millennials didn’t earn anything.

Add in the fact that the same boomer population started their working careers with national debts of just in the hundreds of dollars per person, but are finishing their working careers with tens of thousands per person in national debt… and those same people basically lived off government credit cards where they charged government services that they didn’t want to pay taxes for.


Did you even read that article about generational inequality ?


Government credit cards ?

No such thing here.

I have never had a credit card full stop.

Taxes have been falling for decades here in Aus and the

US,both personal and corporate.

The personal income rate in the US used to be as high as 90 percent for some. 


Lots of "boomers" as you cohort them are having to take out reverse mortgages just to survive over here in Aus.


Wasn't it the boomers who were fighting for civil rights in the sixties ?


Every generation loves to blame the ones before them. 




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