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[Speculation] Is Schmidt on the move?

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1 minute ago, shayster007 said:

That would be the definition of selling low. He's a very good defensemen who didn't play to the best of his ability last year. IMO it would be silly to trade him because it's highly unlikely we get the value we want our of him. If Jones, or another high level RHD is on the table then you make a deal. But I don't think that's likely. We are likely to see an over saturation of defense on the market this summer. We should be buyers, not sellers.

The link even says that the Canucks would likely need to add a sweetener to move him.  


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30 minutes ago, Me_ said:

Canucks open to moving Schmidt


What are the thoughts on that?

It feels as if his enthusiasm wasn’t overly shared. Yet he rest of the team, to the point that Holtby had to tell him to lower the amplitude…


Is he not a fit then?


Schmidt + for Jones?

is there a source for this?

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Just now, Canuckster86 said:

Think it already was by GM Jim Benning on Friday when he was on the Donnie and Dhali show, they asked him specifically about it if I recall correctly.

Can confirm. I listened to that as well. Was a pretty good interview. Obviously Jim would play his card close to his chest of something had been brought up to him, but he also seems like a very open and honest guy. To a fault even.


I think to call this speculation is a stretch.

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34 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

How long until this gets debunked like the Miller trade request.........? 

I’ll give it a day at most, and that’s probably being generous. 

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