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[Discussion] Which core players will be traded to reshape the roster of the team?

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9 hours ago, Coconuts said:

Klimovich replacing Boeser ain't remotely realistic any time soon. He'll be 19 in January and he's just getting his first taste of the pros. That's asking an awful lot. He's got 2 goals and 3 assists in 15 games as a rookie, he'll likely need to cook. 


I think he's a fantastic prospect, but I don't see him stepping into the NHL sooner than later as realistic. Let alone capably enough to replace someone like Boeser. He'll likely need 2-3 years. 

Klimovich might be part of the next core if it's going to take 2-3 years at least for him to make the jump, assuming he does, of course. 


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1 hour ago, N4ZZY said:

Klimovich might be part of the next core if it's going to take 2-3 years at least for him to make the jump, assuming he does, of course. 


He could be, he very well may end up being a top six guy for us. But he's nowhere near being that player this season, and likely won't be next season either. 

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12 hours ago, Odjick 4 Premier said:

Are you honestly comparing the Penguins with Crosby, Malkin and Letang to a team that is in last place in their division behind an expansion team?

This is way different that he went through with the Penguins and closer to Carolina 

He will be working at building from the core not switching pieces of the core out.


This is where you get to see an experienced proactive executive work at roster construction without moving the core pieces but supplementing them.


The Canucks can retain the 3 players you speak of as the cap will rise again and at this point there is zero motivation to trade EP40 at his much reduced value. JT I suspect they will try and sign longer term. Captain Bo Horvat isn't going anywhere. Boeser could be dangled but he will have more value to Vancouver than a return via trade.

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I just can't see what they can possibly do.


One of the radio guys yesterday was talking about moving guys like Myers and Pearson. For what? Other guys playing below their current cap hit? 


Who do we have that has played at a higher level this year than their cap hit? Miller, Garland, Podkolzin, Hughes and Demko come to mind. Maybe Horvat & OEL. Maybe Hoglander because we pay him nothing.



So we could get fleeced on a trade for Boeser unless he brings up his trade value through his play - at which point you wouldn't want to trade him.


Or we can make a real trade and get good value with Miller - but then the one guy who is really going for us is gone.


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I've been thinking about this. I've identified six players that could be moved, either because of value or because I just don't see them with us next year or two. They are:







I would see Chaisson and Rathbone traded ASAP. I'd be looking for an R hand D that had the ability to hit...hard, and make a decent to good exit pass. Myers (though he will NEVER play up to his contract) is playing fairly well. Schenn is playing pretty good and getting better, though he really doesn't need to play more than 16-18 minutes per night. Hamonic was doing well, but with him out, Poolman is getting exposed a little (thx Benning). 

Halak, I could see moving pretty soon. There are teams out there with goal depth issues (Colorado, are you listening?).

Hunt goes at the TDL; some team will want a depth D for the playoffs

Boeser. I don't want to trade him, but...we have three players already above 7M, and by the end of next season, without a trade, could easily have 6. I don't see Horvat being moved. I see Miller being talked about, but trading him doesn't make sense. We don't have the C depth to trade him. Yes, he would get a lot more in return than Boeser, but at what cost?

So: Chaisson/Rathbone for a bottom 4 RHD + 4th/5th round player

       Halak for 3rd round pick

       Hunt for 6th/7th at the TDL

       Boeser for late 1st + 'A' prospect (preferably a RHD C) + 4th

       Poolman at TDL gets a 4th & 7th

Overall net: 1st, 3rd, 3 4th, 6th, 2 7th. Not a great haul, but with the multiple 4ths, gives us some maneuvering ability at the draft. One immediate player, one good future player.

Removes 12.2M from the cap 


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I know it is an outside the box take, but I could actually see them keeping Miller over Petey.


Miller:  149 games as a Canuck:  51g - 93a = 144 pts or 0.97 pts/game and 54%+ range in faceoffs, plays center/wing/ PP/PK.  Durable and verbal leader


Petey:  192 games as a Canuck: 69g - 97a = 166 pts or 0.86 pts/game, 41% faceoffs, plays center/PP just starting PK?  Has not been durable


The reasons to keep Petey is not that he is better, it is that he is young and we believe he will be better,  but the last two years call that into question.


Its hard to think of them trading Petey away, but I think the idea that it is obvious Miller isn't so certain as people seem to think.  

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