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  1. Yes, we are. The depth is there, the scoring is there, the goaltending is there, the D is...well, somewhat there. It's not so much the players themselves, it's the way the team fits together now. Garland moves TP down to 3rd line...where he belongs. Dickinson (once signed) moves Sutter down to 4th line, where he belongs. Highmore and Motte are now 4th line, where they belong. OEL moves Huggy down to 2nd pairing...where he is not so overwhelmed, ie where he belongs. This, to me, is the main improvement. So, yeah, we are playoff bound this year. Vegas? honestly, a little worse. Edmonton? they're
  2. OMG, likewise! Liquid licorice, just not as good...and I can't stand licorice to start with. As far as Virt goes, was there a worse kept secret in Vancouver? See ya, bud. Good luck resurrecting your career and your life.
  3. This is one draft pick I believe Benning missed. The very next pick was Nicolas Hague. He's already playing decent minutes with Vegas. It would be real easy to imagine a pairing of Hague with either Rathbone or Hughes. Instead, Kole Lind. Didn't show much, left unprotected, now gone. We wouldn't need to worry if Hamonic will return if Hague had been the pick. Oh well, I'm sure pretty much every GM, past and present, has a few picks they'd love to have a "do over" on.
  4. Hoping Holtby, expecting Lind...dark horse MacEwen
  5. Pretty much exactly my thoughts. I'd put Mario half a hair ahead of Orr. Other than that, no changes. And that is EXACTLY how I feel about 99
  6. I'll take Lafleur in a close call over Bure. I watched both. Both scared the H*** out of the other teams. Both had lethal shots. Both had speed to burn. What sets them apart to me is Lafleur superior playmaking abilities. I will admit, with the cast of characters he played with, there were several players capable of significant goal scoring...so the assist count can be a little misleading. Still...both at the absolute peak of their careers, Bure was a finisher almost without equal; Lafleur was better at the overall game. Honestly, though, it's like comparing your favorite aunt's pecan pie
  7. Only real issue I have with Edler coming back is this. Towards the end of the year, he was taking penalties that are very indicative of someone who can't quite keep up anymore. I don't mind bringing him back, AS LONG AS it is for a 3rd pairing role at best. I definitely want him to get his 100th goal with us, and also want him to retire as a Canuck. But no more top pairing minutes, no more PP and limited PK. 1-2yr contract at 1.75-2M at best. Nothing more than that. Essentially, it would be advertisement that Vancouver can be a great long term market and possibly sway a UFA or 2 that needs jus
  8. Just to see what you people think about this. Say NJD extend an offer sheet for Quinn Hughes? One that returns a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We are in a bit of a bind about resigning Quinn and Petey, and others to remain competitive. Rathbone has been impressive in his short time. No, he's not as much of a force offensively, but he might be a better long term option. That would free up the limited cap space and give us a lot of what Benning is supposed to be good at...drafting. I VERY seriously doubt it would happen, but NJD does have the cap space to pull something like this off. Any maybe
  9. I'd say the likely standings are: 1) Edmonton - the only reason they don't win the Pacific next year is goaltending. They have the offense to make up for some defensive issues...which are starting to resolve a little on their own. But Koskinen has to go! 2) Vegas - at what point does Fleury finally start to show his age? I think Vegas will, next year, finally start to lose enough depth to cost them a game or three over the course of the year. Just enough to finish behind Edmonton. There will be a clear divide here. Vegas and Edmonton are the class of the division. Both c
  10. Remember everyone thought we actually had a decent 2nd line: Lemay, Hlinka and Rota. Moe fresh off of scoring 60 goals in the OHL, Rota finally showing something and Hlinka was a known international star. Um...oops!
  11. Only if 1) he agrees to one year at a time, 2) a salary commensurate with a bottom pairing D; call it 1.5-1.75M, and 3) knowing he's going to get "maintenance days", ie rested on back-to-backs, at least once on road trips 4 games long or longer, etc. Benning or no Benning, I'd also give him a "gentleman's agreement" to not trade him. He's the best, or 2nd best, Dman the Canucks have ever had. Juice flamed, then flamed out. Edler is definitely on his last legs, but give him the dignity to determine when it's time to hang 'em up.
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