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  1. Here's the difference. Guddy came with a 1st round pick pedigree. Bowey comes with an almost bottom of the barrel pedigree. Ergo, Guddy played WAY below his pedigree. If Bowey can manage the occasional fill-in as a 6-7 Dman, he's lived up to and maybe exceeded expectations. We don't expect anything from Bowey...so anything good will be a +, anything bad is exactly what we expect
  2. That is a crock, and you know it. For a traffic violation, the officer does NOT start the procedure with his weapon drawn. If it is true that the Army officer took a little extra time to pull over, fine. That is so easily explained. There was absolutely no reason for this to escalate like it did, except for the two Stooges, pardon me, police officers, looked like they equated an expensive vehicle and a black man with something dangerous. That's called racial profiling; this is a text book example. They would have already known this was an Army Lt. if they had bothered to use correct procedure,
  3. I would have this M*****F*****'s job and pension for this. He is in violation of so many statutes that he could be jailed for a long time. The city would be reimbursing me for decades. I'm a military vet; this just sickens me.
  4. Guess you could call me stuck in the past. Most of my listening is background to when I'm working (reading medical records and making disability decisions) or writing (first book now with a publisher, going to print later this year, and working on the second book of the trilogy). Usually Pink Floyd, Tubular Bells, early Chicago, a lot of acoustic stuff, ie nothing I'm gonna get distracted and start rocking out!
  5. I see where you're coming from on this, but I respectfully disagree. The "collective" intelligence is more a reflection of another observation from that same book by Heinlein. Something like "1% of the population can think, knows how to think and knows how to implement those thoughts that are useful". Look at the US government. Do you think a population with some degree of significant intelligence would have elected Donald Trump? Or Hillary Clinton? Or pretty much any president over the last several decades? I'm not 100% familiar with all of the Canadian Prime Ministers, but I surely think dea
  6. I don't think there has been a significant change. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean the species as a whole doesn't have problems. There is a Sci-Fi author, Robert A. Heinlein, who observed, through one of his main characters, to "never underestimate the power of human stupidity". This was meant as a generalized observation of humanity in general, not any one particular person. The quote is from his book "Time Enough For Love", published in 1973. So, no, this is nothing new. It is centuries old, honestly. Just think about all the large scale wars mankind has fought. How many of the victors actu
  7. Very nice! By the end of the contract, we should know if DiPietro is an NHL caliber goalie or not. I don't think we could have done much better than this, either for $$$ or for term. If Demko keeps up his current caliber of play, he will be one of the best bargains in the NHL by year 4.
  8. You don't remember Smyl then. He's...what, 5'8", 5'9". His slap shot was downright scary. Just ask Mike Vernon!
  9. The first off-season change I'd make is to lose the assistant coaches Baumgartner and Brown. Repeatedly it has been shown that what they are coaching just isn't working. Our PP is streaky at best and normally not effective. The D has its moments, and yes there are definitely some personnel issues...but even with that there just isn't a good plan here. Second change is (and this is presuming that Benning is his normal ineffective self at the TD) is to try and rid ourselves of Sven, Beagle and Rousel. I'd say LE, but that contract is all but untradeable...so why bother proposing som
  10. This makes a lot of sense. We lose 6M off the cap, and get a little more flexibility in who we protect. I seriously doubt that Seattle would take him anyway. If I was the Seattle GM, looking at our roster and trying to figure out who to grab, I'd probably go after Lind or Gaudette. Both young, some room still to improve and not much of a cap hit. I think Holtby was signed to be able to have a goalie exposed, and maybe an asset we could afford to lose.
  11. Well dang, I didn't expect to be the first votes! But ok, yeah, there's a lot of changes needed. We do have a decent to good future, but it could be better. Benning has done fairly well on draft picks (not going to open the UFA "can of worms"), but I still think he should have taken Nicolas Hague over Kole Lind. Forwards, we have (and had then). A decent D we haven't had since 2011-12
  12. Ok, armchair GM time. We have a 6 day break starting March 25. This is prior to this year's trade deadline (good!). So, if I'm the owner... Both Baumgartner and Brown are gone at that time. We may not have the world's best D corp, but it's not as bad as it has played. The structure is just not working. Yes, Green is ultimately responsible but Baumer has the reins, in game. This HAS to be fixed! Also, the PP ranges from half decent to awful. With the talent we have (on paper) it should be ranging from freakin' great to average (on bad days). We need a President of
  13. His drive to excel, in every game, is damn near off the charts. In this season of doubtful playoffs for Vancouver, Nils is a delight to watch. If Virt had this drive...he'd be freakin' scary!
  14. They've been "busted" for having passed judgment too soon!
  15. If this case actually gets to court, I hope someone with some sense will de-bar the judge for gross incompetence...to actually allow the case to have moved that far forward. This is such a waste of tax money. The plaintiff should have to bear full financial responsibility if she looses. There should be no reward for stupidity at this level
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