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  1. Just let Tyler Myers give him a good body check, then ask him "Who's the short one now, punk?" Nothing stops a mouthpiece faster than getting their own words shoved down their throat.
  2. Personally, I'd go with a small fleet of Soryu class diesels on each coast, call it 4-6 each. Then an equivalent of the old Los Angeles class for Arctic operations, say 2-3 of those. The last of those were nuke capable, using Tomahawks. Canada has no need of ballistic missile subs. One, they're too bloody expensive. Two, the USN has enough to cover the globe. For the price of an Ohio class (Trident) Canada could get a couple of Aegis class destroyers, along with a sub tender for each coast. The Soryu class, outfitted with lithium-ion batteries, are significantly quieter than any nuke powered ship, and can stay that way for several weeks at optimal run speeds. The Canadian coast has enough inlets to allow one to come in, snorkel and recharge the batteries, and get back out without really revealing themselves. Sonar doesn't work very well when trying to pick up noise from a coast line full of rocks (East) or kelp (West). Both of those environmental conditions cause what basically amounts to static. Flow noise. Does a great job at hiding the faint noise of a submerged diesel. The shallow water doesn't allow for enough reverberation to carry out to sea to reveal where one is in some random inlet. As far as an LA class boat goes, again you're looking at a very capable platform without the hideous cost of something like a Seawolf. Yes, tech has passed it up some. But if you take just the hull and do a refit for the interior with latest tech (weapons, sonar, passive coolant systems, etc) then only the absolute best subs could match it. And there are precious few of them...once again, cost. Then match the subs with Orion planes, carrying air to surface missiles and a few torpedoes, and you get a coastal barrier that would be hard to beat. And with the weather in the Bering sea and the North Atlantic, you could keep some of the ships at dock without worrying too much. I was on subs in the USN. I've been in the Bering sea in the middle of a nasty storm. There are NO surface ships that would want ANYTHING to do with that weather. Hell, we stayed at around 400 feet submerged until the storms passed...and we were still rolling around from the weather.
  3. Lafluer, easily. Crosby is good, but nowhere near Lafluer. One question...Where IS MARIO LEMIUEX??
  4. OMG, you put up a tough one. I can quickly eliminate most of the list, but when I get down to: Peter Forsberg, Nicklas Lidstrom, Henrik Lundqvist and Kent Nilsson, you're talking about some of the absolute best at their position, no matter nationality, era played in, etc. So, strictly subjective, mostly because I'm partial to good defencement, I'll take Lidstrom by a hair over Forsberg, who is 2nd by a few hairs over Lundqvist, who is maybe a full moustache better than Kent Nilsson. I love me some Sedins...but they're not even in the conversation.
  5. I'm so glad to see BC is doing fairly well with the %% of vaccinated. I just got over COVID, along with my wife. Both of us were vaccinated. You hear how bad it can tear you up. I firmly believe that without the vaccine, I might have lost my wife. I was all but ready to try to get her to the hospital, even though there were maybe 10 beds left in the entire state of Arkansas. She recovered, thank God. I felt...meh...for a few days, with one rough night with a sky-high fever. People, my regular job is determining disability benefits for people nationwide. I see medical records of everything from cold sxs to terminal cancer, from really mild situational depression to full involuntary admits for paranoid schizophrenia. And in midst of this, I have seen the records of well over 100 people with COVID. At least half of them are permanently scarred, mostly their lungs. This was very much at the beginning of this crap. Not so much recently...but those that I do see, the bad ones are unvaccinated. Get the damn shot!!! Forget the F*****g press about "well, I don't know what's in it" (by the way, its a protein developed through mRNA testing), or about "well, its so new that it hasn't been thoroughly tested (BS!! The science people have been working with corona virus deviations for years, and have you ever heard of progress? Its not the 1950s where it took years to develop the polio vaccine. Which has been eradicated) And for those defending themselves with "Well, its my body and my right!", fine...its also our bodies that don't need it and our right to not be around you, AT ALL.
  6. TT with a good center, on a good team? I'd say multiple 55+ goal seasons would have occurred. Miller is good, but TT was WAY better
  7. Miller - Petey - Boeser Garland - Horvat - Hoglander Pearson - Dickinson - Podkolzin Motte - Sutter - MacEwen Highmore OEL - Poolman Hughes - Hamonic OJ - Myers Brisebois, Schenn Demko Halak Rathbone spends a year in Abbotsford, perfecting his game alongside Woo DiPietro does the same Lockwood does the same Hunt, Di Gueseppe (spelling?) are call ups when needed. One of MacEwen or Highmore becomes a TDL loss, IF Lockwood shows he's ready. Halak retires after this year and becomes an assistant coach for Ian Clark
  8. Which is exactly why I dropped out of the criminology program at Simon Fraser when I attended there. Criminals have rights, so do the families/loved ones of the victims. The government asking for payment of court charges? That may be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. When someone has clearly, and willingly, shown that they cannot live within the law and regulations of society...I feel they have forfeited their legal rights beyond 3 squares and a bed. I lived through the travesty that was the chase, capture and sentencing of Clifford Robert Olson. Remember him? Remember how greater Vancouver was terrorized? I lived in New Westminster at the time. Once the news started filtering out there was a maniac on the loose, single girls would get escorted home from the arcade (yeah, I was a mall rat then...sue me! ). That the government actually paid more to keep that animal alive for decades, in taxpayer money, than the Prime Minister was paid, shows just how farcical not having the death sentence is.
  9. Fine, that's your opinion. Try rationalizing it. I'll politely listen to a well thought out opinion all day long
  10. This may be an unpopular opinion, and there is a qualifier with it. Provided that OJ finally shows why he was drafted 1st round, AND Rathbone shows his full potential, I wouldn't mind trading Hughes before his potential bridge deal expires. I keep looking at Edmonton and Toronto as examples. They have so much cap tied up in a few players that they have very limited ability to acquire quality depth. Colorado is quickly catching them in this department; they lost a Vezina caliber goalie. Hughes is just not big enough to effectively play in his own zone without being overpowered several times per game. Unless his partner is as good as Shea Weber in his prime, then this will lead to several quality chances for the other team. No one...not Roy, not Brodeur, not Hasek, not Jacques Plante...can stop everything all the time. Look at the teams that are making the Finals; they all have a large D overall, and no one approaching being as small as Hughes. He can skate like the wind all he wants, have edgework that rivals Olympic skaters...but if he's bodied off the puck and kept out of the way, there's nothing he can do. Again, there has to be some qualifiers on trading him and I doubt that both conditions will be met. OJ would have to essentially become Edler 2.0 and Rathbone show top pairing potential.
  11. I didn't see Bure's name at first, so I voted for H. Sedin. Now that I see it, it's Bure by a landslide with me. H. Sedin 2nd, R. Luongo 3rd. All three are, or should be, Hall of Famers
  12. Without going through 83 pages of material, I might be doubling up on someone. That said Petey - 3 x 7 Hughes - 3 x 6. Let's see if the UFA market for defensemen is still absurdly warped like it is now. If so and Hughes wants 9-9.5+, then he needs to be dealt. Petersson I could see at 9. Hughes, unless he really significant improves his Dzone play, isn't worth that much. Makar and Nurse, et al, have completely screwed the marketplace for #1 D, even if they're not a "generational" talent. The last one of those was Lindstrom in Detroit. Him, I would have paid 11+ for.
  13. I applaud those of you who have made the switch to electric vehicles. But there's one problem with that. How did the electricity get generated in the first place? Unless you're somewhere that has generous amounts of hydroelectricity (Quebec) or uses nuclear power extensively (um...?) then the great majority of the electricity being pumped into your electric cars is from some coal/oil powered plant. The bonehead Right needs to get their heads out of the sand and start wholesale switching to alt sources. There are some places that have successfully done this. I don't remember the exact source, but I do recall Germany has had some months recently where their amount of energy generated from a combination of nuke/wind/solar sources has actually allowed for complete shutdown of ALL fossil fuel energy generation. Canada could easily do this. Between BC, Quebec and the maritime provinces, there's enough shoreline to place multiple generators to harness tidal sources (I think this is already going on in a couple of places in the east). I'm sure that the prairie provinces have plenty of land available for wind. Maintenance would be a b***h, but the Arctic islands would be great for solar power, at least half of the year (might not be cost effective, though). The Left is just as guilty, though. The government would want to create an agency to monitor this. I think we all know how efficient government agencies are. Private industry needs to be the source of the construction and staffing of all this. I just finished reading that report, at least a really good article covering it. I can bear witness to seeing these changes in my lifespan. I'm 60. I remember the Arctic Ocean used to be a damn near impassable barrier. Now, the shoreline is crumbling because it's thawing. The world's population has more than doubled in my life (1961 just over 3 Billion; now has passed 7.7B). The western part of North America used to be the best place to live. Now...it burns. Named hurricanes were very rarely above cat 4, and those were only 2-3 yearly. Now, cat 5 isn't all that uncommon and we get 5-6 yearly. Sometimes, I almost feel guilty, have a child growing up in this mess!
  14. Vegas - 107 pts...but this is deceiving as their 2nd half was only 49pts Edmonton - 102 Vancouver - 98...also deceiving as the 2nd half is 53pts LA - 88 Seattle - 84 Calgary - 82 San Jose - 72 Anaheim - 68 EP40 gets 91 points - 32g 59a Rathbone get 45...in Abbotsford Boeser gets his first 40G season Demko racks up 5SO along with a .919 save % and comes in 9th in Vezina Podkolzin gets 34pts on 12G 22A, primarily playing 3rd line, BUT...gets widely recognized as maybe the top 2way rookie Oh yeah...we take out both Edmonton and Vegas in the playoffs, but lose to eventual Cup winners Colorado in the West final in 5.
  15. This is exactly what I think would be best for his progression. He needs to play big minutes, and be a top QB on the power play. The best option for that will be Abbotsford. With the farm team that close, Shaw can much more easily monitor the farm team D progress. OJ is likely to never be a top 2, and maybe not a top 4 on a true contending team. But develop him for the year in Van, and see if he has value at the trade deadline. Of course, this only happens if we sign him. Rathbone, given a year of big minutes, can maybe come in next year and be able to take a minute or two off the workload of Hughes and OEL, making the D that much deeper.
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