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  1. I could see the following teams fold if the revenue dried up due to COVID: Florida, Carolina, Columbus, one of either Anaheim or San Jose, Arizona and maybe Winnipeg. Seattle folds before it starts. That leaves 24 teams. The players on the defunct teams all enter an "implosion" draft. Between RFA and UFA status, the remaining players could probably be taken care of in a 10-12 round draft. Looking at those teams, there are some pretty good Dmen coming available. Of course, this is speculation. If it happened like this, I could also see a couple of players really losing out, like Erik Karlsson in San Jose. I just can't see anyone picking up that contract, especially in this scenario.
  2. I work in the medical field, somewhat. I do work directly with a group of 50+ MDs, from virtually all the specializations areas except oncology (cancer). In the course of performing my job, I get to see medical records from individuals in many states. Yes, I wear a mask, almost full time. I say almost, because if I am in a place where social distancing is easy to practice, I usually don't wear the mask. This would be when I am hiking on trails where it is easy to get 10-15 feet away from people. If I'm out shopping or something similar, I wear it full time. This COVID crap needs to be taken seriously. If and when a vaccine becomes available, please make yourself available. I just don't get the anti-vax crowd. The main articles that "proved" vaccinations were harmful have ALL been debunked...ALL of them. Having stated all of this, I will add one thing. Not all of the deaths attributed to COVID are real. This I get from the 50+ MDs I work with. One has told me that he lost his elderly mother to Alzheimer's. She tested positive when the autopsy was done. Her death was listed as COVID. There are many others like this. So...take this COVID crap seriously. Wear the damn mask! Don't take the attitude of "impinging on my freedoms"; that is base BS and shows a complete disregard for other people's health. But...be aware that some of the statistics out there are manipulated.
  3. I see the numbers in other states, and now in BC, and for once I'm glad to live in a small southern state (Arkansas). Yes, we have issues here also; 338 cases this AM, 3 have died so far and 12 have recovered. Schools are closed, all restaurants are closed to indoor seating. But, yesterday our governor got a resolution passed that will pay ALL nurses in the state an extra $1000 a month; if they are working with COVID victims, it becomes $2000. No time limit set on this. He also got 100 MDs and 300 nurses certified early to assist with this. I look at other states and see nothing like this anywhere. Just to my south, Louisiana is all but shut down; New Orleans is a new epicenter. But no actions taken like this. So much for the theory that warm, humid climates will inhibit the virus. If you haven't been to Louisiana on a summer day, you don't have the slightest idea what REALLY humid is! I pray that everyone stays safe through this crap. We aren't in mandatory "stay in place" restrictions here, and don't look like we will. The grocery stores are now positioning people at either end of the aisles that carry items like toilet paper, antibacterials and bread, and limiting people in the aisle to 3 at a time, one way only and 2 items each. Well, the stores are starting to recover, and we actually can shop almost like a normal situation. It's a shame that a few panicky, short sighted individuals have screwed it up for the rest of us. Be well, everyone. This crap will eventually end, and we can resume our normal, everyday lives. Hopefully, this will cause one permanent change; families can rediscover each other, and learn to enjoy simple pleasures, like family nights with cards, board games or a good movie!
  4. Could this kid be a potential replacement for Motte? Plays on wing most of the time, but can take a draw when the regular center gets waved out of the circle.
  5. With Juolevi out for the year, I wonder if this will open the door just a little for Brisebois. If anything should happen to one, or both, of MDZ and Poulliot, I would hope Brisebois gets a call up to actually play (instead of a practice or two, then down again).
  6. You know you're going to have to explain that reference to about half of CDC...the half that was born well after that movie came out.
  7. Not a bad problem to have! And this doesn't include if Benning finds yet another good one in the next couple/few drafts.