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Is there really a need to trade ANYONE?

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14 hours ago, Toyotasfan said:

Do Chiason ,Hunt and Halak qualify for people we should trade or at the very least try to upgrade at the trade deadline. 

Nope, I bet we do off-season trades unless something crazy good comes along, I don't see us trading much or any at all before TDL probably, which is fine, it's not like we'd get anywhere near a cup run this year anyway. 

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On 3/10/2022 at 9:16 AM, CanucksJay said:

Mabe I got my facts incorrect but this is what I currently see signed for next year

2022 NHL Cap = 82.5m


Petterson, Horvat, Miller, Garland, Pearson, Dickinson, Podz, Hogz = 31M

Left to sign = (Boeser 7m, Motte, 2.5, Lammiko 1m, Highmore 1m) 11m  (My hope would be that we would get Boes down to 6.75 and Motte down to 2m)

12 Forwards signed @ 42.5m


Hughs, OEL, Myers, Hamonic Schenn, Burroughs, Poolman = 28.25 m


Demko = 5m


Holtby and JV dead cap = 2.4m


Total cap hit = 78.15m


13th forward <1m  (Dowling, Lockwood, Bailey, DiGiuseppi)  , backup goalie  <1m  (Martin,  DiPietro)


Team cap 80.15m  Capspace left 2.35m


After next year when Horvat and Miller are due, 2.4M in dead cap is gone so we should have 4.75m between Horvat and Miller raises

Horvat is due for a moderate raise while Miller a bit more. Even if we give Horvat 7m and Miller 8m, thats only 4.25M.  We technically have even up to 4.75

Hammer, Burroughs and Schenn contracts are done 4.6m. We need to re-sign them then or fill with younger guys like Woo, Rathbone


Since BB took over, we are 21-8-4.  Most of our losses came when we were icing an AHL calbre roster due to covid.

I don't see why we need to trade anyone this year. We aren't pressed against the cap next year.

Even the following year, if we are playing well at the TDL, who knows, we might even buy.


I think most of us are gettign caught in the media hype of TDL. Our cap situaton seems fine to me?

Some key deals are that we have Demko locked in at 5m, we have Hughes at <8m, we have Garland <5m


PPL might then worry about Petey's new contract but guess what? Dickinson and Pearson contracts are done then...

I havent even factored whethr cap would be going up the following season either...


Anyway, dont buy into the hype guys.  We can easily run it back next year and the year after etc.

The only reason why I would trade is if I am not sold on some players on this team and we can get good value on a trade but right now, there is no point in selling low on anyone of our guys. We have the leverage and think it's absurd that we need to tade ppl to make capspace






Dickenson and Halak, on the TDL and any other changes, can wait till the off season.

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