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2023 WJHC Pool - Group A (invitational)


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Rush17 - Connor Bedard
Nail - Shane Wright
Inane - Olen Zellweger
Master Mind - Dylan Guenther
AriGold - Team Canada Goalies
Phil The Thrill - Logan Cooley
Time Lord - Logan Stankoven
Tony Romo - Luke Hughes
Squeak - Adam Fantelli
Art Vandelay - Joakim Kemell


Art Vandelay - Brad Lambert
Squeak - Noah Ostlund
Tony Romo - Team USA Goalies
Time Lord - Brennan Othmann
Phil The Thrill - Lane Hutson
AriGold - Joshua Roy
Master Mind - Team Sweden Goalies
Inane - Ludvig Jansson
Nail - Fabian Lysell
Rush 17 - Aleksi Heimosalmi


Rush17 - Isak Rosen
Nail - Cutter Gauthier
Inane - Jimmy Snuggerud
Master Mind - David Jiricek
AriGold - Brandt Clarke
Phil The Thrill - Nathan Gaucher
Time Lord - Jiri Kulich 
Tony Romo - Jonathan Lekkerimäki
Squeak - Team Finland goalies
Art Vandelay - Simon Nemec


Art Vandelay - ille Koivunen
Squeak - Leo Carlsson
Tony Romo - Rutger McGroarty
Time Lord - Sean Behrens
Phil The Thrill - Czech Goalies
AriGold -  Zach Dean
Master Mind - Jani Nyman
Inane - Liam Ohgren
Nail - Topias Vilen 
Rush 17 - Kevin Korchinski


Rush17 - Zack Ostapchuk
Nail - Ethan Del Mastro
Inane - Dylan Duke
Master Mind - Aron Kiviharju
AriGold - Attilio Biasca
Phil The Thrill - Carson Lambos
Time Lord - Stanislav Svozil
Tony Romo - Juraj Slavkovsky 
Squeak - Adam Engstrom
Art Vandelay - Slovakia Goalies


Art Vandelay - Jack Peart
Squeak - Viljami Juusola
Tony Romo - Viliam Kmec
Time Lord - Swiss Goalies
Phil The Thrill - Otto Stenberg
AriGold - Axel Sandin Pellikka
Master Mind - Chaz Lucius
Inane - Germany Goalies
Nail - Latvia Goalies
Rush 17 - Austria Goalies



Welcome to the 10th annual WJHC pool.


1. @Rush17

2. @AriGold

3. @Tony Romo

4. @Master Mind

5. @inane

6. @Phil The Thrill

7. @Time Lord

8. @Nail

9. @Art Vandelay

10. @Squeak


Congrats to @Phil The Thrill for winning B pool last year and coming up to the A pool.


Leaderboard/Team Spreadsheet: 



  • Each team will consist of 3 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 country's goaltending (ex. Team Canada Goalies).
  • Snake draft order.
  • The majority of the draft will be done offline. As soon as 10 teams have been filled, I will use a website to determine the draft order. *Website is http://www.draftpicklottery.com/*.
  • There will be a re-draft for cut, injured, or otherwise unavailable players who were picked. More on that below.
  • No trading picks.
  • Try not to "name drop".
  • Tag the GM picking after you to alert them of their pick.
  • The winner of Group B will advance to Group A's invite only pool next year, and the last place GM of Group A will be relegated to Group B next year.
  • In the event of a tie, the GM with a higher Points Per Game average will be ranked above the GM with a lower Points Per Game average. In case of the rare event of a double tie, the most goals scored will win.


Scoring System: FYI Relegation Games Count Towards Points

  • Goal & Shootout Winning Goal - 1 point
  • Assist - 1 point
  • Win - 1 point
  • Shutout - 1 point



Time Line:


Draft Order - The lottery will be conducted on Saturday December 3rd.


Draft Start - The draft will start on Sunday December 4th at 8 AM PST. Drafting will not be permitted before our start date.


Draft Limits/Key Dates - The Draft will run with 6 hour time limits from 8 AM PST - 12 AM PST every day from Sunday December 5th until Monday December 20th at 11:59 PST. From Tuesday December 21st to Wednesday December 22nd, the draft will have a 1 hour time limit from 8 AM PST until 12 AM PST to ensure the draft's completion before the start of the tournament.


Player Swaps - In case you choose a player and they are cut from the team or injured prior to Friday December 23rd at 7:59 AM PST, GM's may re-select players based on the draft position of the player they lost. This is not a first come first serve re-draft.


NHL Players - If you select a player like Juraj Slafkovsky with the hopes he will be released to play in the WJC Tournament, you are welcome to do so. Should he not be released by his NHL team, you will be able to re-pick a player of the same position on Friday December 23nd during the re-draft. The re-draft will begin at 8AM PST and end at 11:59PST. Time limits will be determined by the amount of picks needed to be made.


IIHF on Twitter: "The groups for the 2023 #WorldJuniors have been  determined! @HockeyCanada will lead Group A in Halifax, and @usahockey will  lead Group B in Moncton. More: https://t.co/RDy0lX2Yxt Annonce des groupesimage.png.57cd493b7528ea234c1f925c6d5aaeec.png

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  • AriGold changed the title to 2023 WJHC Pool - Group A (invitational)
  • 2 weeks later...

Order after the strait equal chance shuffle:


1: Rush17

2: Nail

3: Inane

4: Master Mind

5: AriGold

6: Phil the Thrill

7: Time Lord

8: Tony Romo

9: Squeak

10: Art Vandelay


Photographs taken of pre and post roll if there are any arguments.





Good luck and I hope to join you next year after another attempt to win the B pool this year. 

my apologies for the delay, i meant to do the draw after 11pm when i was available but i took my meds around 10pm and by 11pm i was zooming around Pluto. Still not a planet. hahahaha

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